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So just confusing to me. Yeah. So I guess he's just as the piece where where related to them man, and I have gone over this so many times to try and separate the families. There's anyway, I guess what's important in this segment of the tail is whether or not these these these local law officers were hatfields or not local officers get him. But then some some hatfields possibly some other hatfields think like no we don't want this to go to the court. They form a posse. They get these three McCoy San's in some vigilante kind of take down. Right. And then they take them back to one of their homes. So they take take us the of them. They have them in West Virginia. They put him in an abandoned log schoolhouse. They're real under under armed guard and that night, Randall's wife, the boy's mother Serra McCoy her daughter-in-law Mary butcher arrive. Beg to see their kin Deva Lance relents the women get to spend. A fair amount of time with them co-boys, supposedly Sarah pleads with devil Anse not to kill her sons, he promises her he will return them to Kentucky soil alive, but then the following day, August, ninth devil and his brother. Ellison dies endeavor, Lance enraged, he's grieving he decides he is not going to return service boys to her not after killing his brother. She returns again to see her son. She is denied, and then the McCoy prisoners are bound and March to the tug fork where they crossed the river there returned to Kentucky soil where the hatfields some had time to some bushes. Cross the creek DO back to the West Virginia side, and then from across the creek opened fire on the bound prisoners fire. Well over fifty shots there. They're, you know, very dead. The bodies of Tolbert farmer and bud McCoy then discovered on the riverbank next day by relative. Yeah. If any of these points, I have to do a little bit wait what? There's there's a a lot of a lot of tales out there about these guys. And it's a very fusing tail even when you do it down to the truth. And yeah, takes a lot of like, wait what have to be very clear. What what am I saying now? So if you're keeping track let's do a recap because this shit is getting confusing. If you're keeping track of significant hostilities, let's go over the important points before we move forward in this tale as a in McCoy thought to have been killed by some hatfields likely by either Deva, Lance or crazy Jim Vance in eighteen sixty five and as a Harmon McCoy is Renell McCoy old Randall head of the McCoy clan. It's his brother the brother that was ostracized by the family for being a unit soldier. That's eighteen sixty five eighteen seventy eight Randall McCoy accuses Floyd Hatfield cousin of devil Anse of stealing one of his hogs Floyd found innocent. But the trial may not have been that fair. Shootout over the hog dispute. A few months later leads to Paris McCoy..

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