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Home with and by they choke so shoot all right so you you you give us a scenario we tell you whether jv or all balls competitive feeling Well i've seen over the top story number of times. So i know how it works. I'm gonna say all possibly jv. Yeah because if you're into over the top it's always all about that move we kinda clench your fingers down and then you win when you were the underdog all when you put your hat on backwards for anything absolutely whether sniper or whatever and it's one of the i'll tell you there's two professions where the wrath is scarier than the participants arm wrestling is one of them always. Scarier is always always bigger and scarier and ufc. Big john mccarthy guys like that or guys covered with tattoos of the is always scary. Sky the ring. All right or the octagon we all go with All balls electric eels. That right okay. All right electric yield interesting. I felt there was a lot of electric eel. Humor when i was growing up bites on one and then put a lightbulb in their mouth and with with something about electric ill by the way we lost. The electric part rain just sort of took over delicious more. A eagle electric eel. The same ill unthinking electric eels. Our who fucking cartoon happened to their publicist though electric. The river like in the amazon. Where moray or the saltwater eel wow no known for its visit An attack by surprise on marine biology. Monir worked at long. John silver's australia. I forgot about was all about the aquatic life to the ill on the menu. You when you take when you put on when you don the pirate vast you got to embrace the lifestyles right There's a commitment all right electric. Y'all kind of fish. Yeah i'm gonna. I'm gonna go with all balls. I like i like electric. He'll your heels all balls. I'm gonna say jv just because they're the reason i would never get in a river when you were a kid. When princess bride came out you are terrified of nothing more than an eel. All balls because dude. It's like exactly what i mean. It's like fucking e. Oh how am. I going to defend the rb. Get some electric city and me through how how did think of that. How that. he'll how the hill. So i don't know they get away from here. I'll make myself electric shock. Shit yeah over. Not a lot of forcing on the heels part by constantly being in water. conductor maybe use it to their advantage. Maybe gary we need to know more about electric heels. I heard another tartus at by the way. This is how i thought i was gonna go either by quicksand electric ill for the first fifteen years of my life and now hear nothing about either one of them all right black pussy crossing the street. In front of your. We don't want the latest now. Did the the rock band this on the in hot water right now for their they just on a promoted. This canceled their gig because their name was offending people They should open for pussy riot. Yeah you know. I think they have I think we gotta you know they have the promoter on a technicality is their name yeah he well what i'm saying is i'm not sure how they spell that. It's the right way but if you can get obama and all kinds of officials to say pussy riot then i don't even think that words really taboo anymore All right so we're going all balls. Hell yeah okay all right well then. Yeah really really grooving today. what else. Good luck john. It then you'd have to explain that lockdown at the other the nigerian president who was just ousted from office Now the guy's name and good luck this neighbors good lobbyists right. I swear to god it's first name full full well. It is but it's not. His first name is good luck. Yeah but he had bad luck into election. He got ousted bro today. I feel like we should all have enough success to be ousted. We all have an e after get their certain degree in order to be ousted is good luck done it. Then i'll goodluck. Jonathan look at ballet zeki way. Jonathan how could that be anything but all balls. His name is good luck It's almost like being named like all balls. Stanley assumption This like that. It's like that cartoon character all right. I'm going to go the guy or him being ousted the name. Good john it then. I think you should stop going up on the good luck bar. But anyway i say fell balls. I say jv don. I don't trust the politicians to begin with and that name yourself. Good luck javy. He named himself. I'm guess maybe he was named with his parents. They wanted to have him have good luck. Whole lays off the name. Jonathan to write Jv are ball all balls. Oh okay well. i'm really on a roll man. I let's do let's do. Oh shit okay. We have a couple. Yeah these. What about these kick asked road. Mike's that we're broadcasting with that puts. His uncle hooked me at dalton depan canton. I'm doing i want all balls. For the mike's they may. I sound like a professional dude. Hell yeah yeah road. Mike's yeah it's odd.

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