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So that's the problem there's nothing written in their bill that fails out people that are exempt and in fact that codifies an opportunity to present their case to one of the things that does and this is unbelievable there's one hundred eighty thousand people in under the auspices of the bureau prison mandates that torney general make a determination and submitted a report valuate basically all hundred eighty thousand and determine whether they're eligible for some of these early release programs or these leniency programmes in times time credit programs and he has to do so within six months attack for the fact that if you marshaled all of the justice department resources just for this and took it away from everything else you would be able to do that no exception he would have to sit there for even if you're a liberal you have to admit that the vast majority of those federal prison are pretty bad dude all right let's isolate the really low level cocaine guys okay but no it totally indiscriminate it's for everyone and by the way i would note that thirty per cent of the prison population on a federal level it comprised the foreign national what the attorney general determine their case to the this is just unbelievable it's all coming from this onesided brainwash i've seen from all the conservative think tanks at aren't conservative anymore they've all bought into the willie horton michael dukakis mcgovern philosophy behind criminal justice and this is very disturbing could it is more than just disturbing it is it is downright dangerous in his daniel said and and i really appreciate the opportunity to speak with daniel horowitz he's really one of the best conservative mine's going in punditry right now i have an aunt from conservative review on my local program in cleveland all the time and i wanted to bring him to here on the dennis prager show but but daniela i talked about that this morning the republicans are willing accomplices in all of this in these these lighter jail sentences these early releases these these all of these different changes and shifts which which people have no idea how dangerous the actual criminals are it is just incomprehensible that we would allow this to happen especially with republicans in control of congress but that's where we are that is a bipartisan bill all right we'll get out and.

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