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And the library and and whatnot. But I thought the addition was always a movie theater, but it's actually a concert venue. Most of the time and fog hat, the classic rock band was. The concert coming up there soon or maybe just had or something like that. So that was kind of interesting to find out. Yeah. It's always strange go to a place that you're usually like, you know, I've been going to Comecon for I think like ten years now and just recently or like a year or two ago, I went to San Diego when it wasn't comic on. It's so strange to be at this place when it's completely different than what your experience of it is. Yeah, for sure I've I've been the San Diego when comic onto the ground leader. And it's very weird. Yeah. Shakeup, what have you been up to even getting ready for Halloween? Yeah. I've got a very uneventful week LA nothing. Exciting talk about except that my wife, and I decided that since we have a house now, we need to have proper trick or treaters plans in our neighborhoods grown by leaps and bounds since last year, and we expect to get a few kids. So I don't know. This is a thing that's known to kids who didn't grow up in the suburbs by no growing up in series of suburbs throughout my life. There's always a one house, and they gave up full size candy bars every year, and they're always they would allege. Terry house you've got their first to make she get your full size candy bar. It's my wife, and I decided to be that house. We'll be that lived in. We went and bought a bunch of full size, candy bars. Kids kids will know us. We'll be the legends of the neighborhood. But did you get good full-size, candy bars? We gotta make sure everything there a couple different packages of all the different varieties. So I think I I think everybody will be pleased. There'll be something for everyone. So you're going to let the people pick it out pick out, which of course, I'm not Holloway Nazi Peter. I let the kids choose. I wish I had a house. I live in a condo. And I wish I had a house because I would totally be that house on the block that like deck's out there front yard with all like, huge dalwin decorations. Have you done that this year? Nothing extreme yet. We actually went and had some some Halloween clearance. You gotta watch their relationships. So glad you're gonna hang himself tonight. And we got a project yours can particularly ghost the images of their former house. So nothing like all out like my brother, for example. I went to his house where he had like a blue. Attending scarecrows. He had made. A staged hit and run on his driveway the dead body. I all kinds of music playing speaker. He goes all out. We just have a few, you know, fundable decorations, but maybe next year maybe next year. I'll try to do something a little more extreme. Ben what have you been up to? So my wife, and I went to a Halloween party slash baby shower over the weekend. And it was sort of like a is that work. Well, my my friends are my. Yeah. The the. My friend and his wife are about to have a baby. And they are just they just love Halloween, and they're just decided to combine the two celebrations. So it was basically just like where costume to come. Celebrate the fact that we're having a baby, and you know, the they did gifts and the whole deal on they had some fun games and stuff like that there. But it was basically just an excuse for everybody to hang out and for grown adults to wear costumes together in the middle of the day. So yeah, it was fun. I dressed up as the horrifying mutant bear from annihilation. Which by the way, that bear actually has a name does anybody know what that bears name is? Kevin. No, it's not Kevin. But he knows the name. It has to be Chris Christina the name. I forgot I remember I read an article about an Entertainment Weekly, and I already forgot it. The bears name has Homerton and the reason for that is that Andrew Whitehurst was the visual effect supervisor for both annihilation and Paddington and Paddington obviously is named after Paddington station in London..

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