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That you were getting paid maybe thought hey they're going to buy me out if they fire me it almost felt like like this is phil jackson you almost have to be trying to get fired to make some of these moves that was the feeling of starting to get there and then once you go you know i think ownership was probably looking at giving carmelo what he wanted they'd by mail they come up with some kind of price by now and then let him go to cleveland and filled was pushing against that man i understand you want to get something in return for carmelo anthony you may not want him but you want something in return because somebody else wants him but what you do too porzingis to me is an owner that's where i probably say i i got i got to do something here because fills not going to be here in the longhaul i own this team and i think that's were jim jim dolan had to have somebody tell him you know maybe it's agents since the agents run the nba religious it we're not coming there we're not bringing anybody there i'm not poor sing is not going to resign with you no matter what in a piece still there we don't want to run the triangle offense something somebody had to say something to him that resonated that's the only thing i can think sean and sacramento hey sean epa are good but what do you have good hey i wanted to weigh in on the on an adequate cooked craig request for even void all right um it just went with with bill i think it's a good day that he was fired but you're not gonna get anything done with the new york knicks because it felt trickle down from dolan i mean ownership start everything trust me being here in sacramento i that for tran with the king yeah so james dolan can continue to run this franchise they're going to continue to have the same problem i mean now you're you're paying fill twenty four million dollars to go away when i think they're still paying allan houston from a contract and nike ninety seven so it's going to be the same problem no matter what you do james dolan still running at pratt got yep yep with starts at the top and what else did you wanna ask.

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