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Sustainable development goals on the United Nations. Page all the webpage relating to this podcast also linked to move into goalposts because y'all document is freely available on believe. Absolutely. So people had read the download it for themselves. If people are listening to this really not anywhere as far as the SDG's concerned on fail at paps, they will to do something. What would you suggest that they should stop doing tomorrow morning. They could call us. But yeah, I think I think the first part is get familiar with the seventeen goals. There's absolutely wonderful information on the UN website really cleared. They've done a great communication job this time around start to understand the goals and and the targets within those. So. Each of the goals of a high level statement. So climate change for example, but there's a lot of really interesting content specificity that simple. Oh, that suggest familiar with the goals themselves and then start to align with what you're doing business on and try to find those synergies. So where you think you're starting to have impact on the specific issues and on just outlined the goals not to really great start to do that mapping, exercise, fine what you're doing and perhaps what you're not doing that you might be able to look at. And I'm the second step off. The back of that would just be fine, really great partners. The organization's working cross. All these issues just reach out, start having conversations. Figure out what you should be doing, what could be doing on ener will start to unfold there. Details on the blog and. When people have gone through the stages, they can ring you appropriate. Y'all operating the states, you know the UK. Are Are you. you. I am in the US, but Solter Baxter has headquarters in London and New York. So we have teams on both continents and happy to support on either way. Anything you'd like to add before we close. Want to thank you so much for this opportunity. Great, great to speak with you. I'm really excited that the sustainable development goals have had the uptake that they've had it. There's so much more that can be done in the space. It's really interesting to see how companies are being really creative innovative in their purchase on. You know, the the UN consistently asked for support in just communicating the goals. They just really want to get the news the information out there to anyone in everyone because that's really where the impact starts to happen. So in any way that you can play a role, not think is. Great. Well, thank you. Christina. Just is head of Celta Backstedt North America. Plenty to think about that. If you come times Christina, how details will be on the bloke that set sustainable futures don't report, and that will be on the blog published on the twentieth of July. And now for something completely different. I'm talking to Judy Huntley brew on talk radio about com. Dockside there's never anything off limits debate as you know. But let's hope to my next guest. Now, Anstey days, environmental consultant and presenter of the sustainable futures at report and joins us now good morning to you and me. You'll be pleased. Maybe not talking about cannabis talking about this fair, the shortage of food grade carbon dioxide, gas could mean a crisis in the World Cup a drinks crisis..

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