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Talk about her life and many traumas she's overcome. Yes. You got a new memoir out called undaunted quite a list of tragedy. She's had to overcome. We'll talk with her about that. But first Murray said the election. Yeah, it was like nine days ago seems like a lifetime ago. I know so far the Democrats doing very well. This is kind of like a slow moving car crash for the Republicans as the results continue to trickle in the Democrats now have succeeded in flipping five seats total just this afternoon. The called Katie Puerto the democrat in Orange County the winner over Mimi Walters down down there, we visited at district Tober, and I was lucky enough to sit down with congressman elect partner, but couldn't get a call back. I never called us back. And you know, she's not the only one obviously with five seats in the one still in play. We've seen the dumbest pickup Jeff Denham seat outta Modesto just this week. Josh Josh took that race. Dana Rohrabacher lost his seat in Huntington beach to Harley route. Wta? And you know, it's just it's interesting because I think that there was a sense on election night that maybe California wouldn't be as an important to Democrats. And now it's really looking like, that's really helping that margin for them. It is. But can you imagine what we going through right now if control of the house were still up in the air and already I mean, I think it's important to point out that both young Kim who is in this race with gilson's narrows up in Orange County still hasn't been called. But Cisneros did take the lead today. The democrat young Kim AMI Walters have been raising these questions about voter fraud and saying that because the results are different than what they weren't election night, which is wrong. Completely unfounded. We know data. I have data for your skull roof. I mean, we just know that you know, later votes tend to skew democratic a lotta people voting by mail now a lot of people voting provisionally, and it takes time it does. And I, you know, I spoke to one Republican operative today who said that they knew on election night that they did not have a big enough margin to hold on to these seats. It looked pretty good for them on election night. But those who knew thought we're not going to be able to hold onto which really makes it even more cynical. I think to to because regardless of your party when you call into question, the democratic system, and sort of so seeds of doubt in people's mind is really dangerous, and we're not just seeing this year. We're seeing it in Florida in Georgia. And unfortunately, sadly, it is part of a trend of denigrating institutions. The FBI media the courts, and so now, it's it's come home to California. Well, let's put some of this in context, the d triple c the democratic committee sent out a memo today's sort of crowing Andrew garden, which is a victory lap. Yes. He was on our show a couple of months ago. And and says, I told you is I we were gonna flip the seats. He says if they all go blue, which is looking more and more likely, it will be the most seats the Democrats have flipped in California since nineteen sixty two. We should also note that they secured not just two-thirds, but potentially like three-quarter majorities in the crazy. It's crazy things are looking good for Gavin Newsom. Although as we've said before might be a mixed blessing to have them any democratic votes up there. And you know, what it's kind of interesting. It's you know, it's just a little fun. Fact. John Cox beat Gavin Newsom in Orange County barely though. And in fact, in the end he may end up losing because he's just like these other races. He's probably falling. The margin is probably narrow point is, you know, Orange County. It's not it's purple. Yeah. It is not gone like deep blue. Now it hasn't. But if you look at the voter turn out, I think it does speak to a Democrats have been saying, which is that what they needed they needed to turn folks out not just try to sort of cut into the GOP base. And I think there's an interesting conversation happening now among Republicans and conservatives in California about what the future holds. I mean, we've seen their registration numbers plummet, the, you know, the amount of offices. They have held in California really go down and Kristin Olsen who we've also had on the show Stanislas county. Supervisor former leader of the Republicans in the state assembly wrote enough at this week, proclaiming the GOP in California is and this is a quote, no longer salvageable. You're the problem for them to is Donald Trump is president. He sucks all the oxygen out of the room. And it's hard to distinguish yourself or to get away from you know, whatever I mean, some places it's an advantage for Republicans. But he's not an advantage in California. I think it's important to note an. I saw some prominent Republicans saying that a lot of these problems is this did before Trump in California for the GOP. And I think it's just made it more clear for them. Right. But even like, even like, Jeff Denham, you know, who tried to distance himself from the president on things like Dhaka the dreamers looks. He has gone down to defeat as well to Josh harder over there again, they Modesto area. We'll we'll talk about this a lot more in the coming weeks. I'm sure we will. But we're going to take a short break. And when we come back, we'll be talking with congresswoman, Jackie speier. You're listening to political breakdown from public radio. Coming up at nine thirty tonight.

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