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Track officials have now announced an indefinite suspension of Racine at the famed facility. They really don't know what's going on. They think because of the heavy rain we've had about eleven to thirteen inches of rain here since December. Maybe it's done something to the track and horses some of them and races. Some of them in training have been breaking their legs. And of course, they've been euthanized from that. But track officials are just baffled, and it's a horrible story. Twenty one horses dying since December US customs and border protection began counting family units. And there have been two point six million total amp. Attentions along the us Mexico border, the numbers with a sharp is evidence yet that despite President Trump's efforts to crack down on illegal immigration the flow of migrants is only growing while families along with a relatively small number of unaccompanied children. Now make up sixty percent of the arrests at the border. Total numbers are rising there as well. The border patrol may two hundred sixty seven thousand arrests between October and the start of the federal fiscal year and in February compared with one hundred and thirty six thousand over the same period a year ago. I thought we check in with Howard bloom who has written a book called the Lucifer principle Howard. This is a weird situation. It seems like more people are trying to get in a legally then when we started talking about this when the president was elected. Well, it's not exactly what it appears to be. So the real question is do we have a crisis on our border with Mexico? We don't we now secretary of the department of homeland security Kirsten. Nielsen made a powerful case for an emergency today. Her testimony before the house homeland security committee, so powerful that the tea party called it frightening, and in a sense. It was frightening. But only in a sense, what did Nielsen actually say she predicted that one million illegal aliens, we'll try to cross the Mexican border this year. She pointed to an eighty percent increase in the number of illegals compared to the same time last year, she warned of sexual slavery, drugs, criminals and violence spilling into our country. Every week those are her words, she talked of again, her words recycling rings were innocent young people are used multiple times to help aliens gain illegal entry and she reported. A fifty percent spike in the number of gang members coming across the border, but also pointed out these increases will overwhelm the system entirely. She emphasized that this is not a manufactured crisis. And she added that this is truly an emergency. Meanwhile nielsen. Explains something odd that you touched on a second ago. She said, quote, what's different about the current migrant flows is not just how many people are coming. But who is coming? And who didn't they also say was arriving, quote, historically, she pointed out even legal aliens crossing into the United States will predominantly single adult males. But in recent years, she continued we have seen the number of populations children and families skyrocket. Over sixty percent of the current flow are family units and unaccompanied alien children. So is what Nielsen portrayed really, the flood of murderers, rapists, and gang members. The president has warned us about since he first came down the elevator Trump Tower in two thousand fifteen to announce his presidency, not really not at all. Now, let's zoom out and get a little bit of perspective. If there was a crisis. It was in two thousand when over one point six million immigrants were arrested on the Mexican border. Even if we reach Kirsten Nielsen. Projected figure of a million this year that would be over thirty percent less than the migrants who crossed the border illegally in two thousand thirty percent less. What's more, George W Bush and Barack Obama drove that number down to a tiny fraction? They chopped it down from one point six million to three hundred thousand that this year has seen a Trump uptick, but there are a few far more important truths. If Nielsen is right and a million emigrants is crisis. Then the years two thousand and two thousand one we're catastrophic, but the total car crime rate in the USA has gone down. A whopping thirty percent since two thousand and gang activity in American went down in two thousand two thousand and one and two thousand and three years of the immigrant tidal wave in fact, under Donald Trump, the number of gangs in America's going back up that there's something truly dangerous. We are missing Cureton. Nielsen is head of the homeland security department a department formed in the wake of nine eleven and there are more. Dire threats then unarmed mothers and their children at the border. There are three crises of a witch. There is no debate number one is Kim Jong UN's nuclear weapons and his three stage intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching US cities. Number two is debt that just hit twenty two trillion dollars for the first time and number three is a balance of trade deficit that today hit the highest annual level in history. Eight hundred and ninety one point three billion dollars close to a trillion dollars. Now, should we really spend twenty five billion a wall to stop invading mothers and children or should we focus on these three greater threats? Or should we keep our sense of balance walk into gums, simultaneously and try to handle them? All can we do that though? Howard. That's the big question. I'd not sure we can. Thank you. Howard bloom. His website Howard.

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