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Do your day so now zero when you look at the game you know. What are you thinking about the evolution in running back over the last fifteen years. I think the evolution has taken place because of offense changes so in highschool. They started running. Kind of the run-and-shoot. They kind of took it from june jones and started to try to change on it and and develop it and then next thing. You know You saw colleges Going to the spread offense and next thing you know Once the high school in the colleges started going to the spread offense then the players change so for instance the running backs that were to twenty six foot one to twenty to twenty five right They went from a running back to a linebacker lavar tested that he was running back to school and in this day and age he would never been a question about he would have never played running back he would have always been on on the deep guy because these these offenses have shown so now they ask these small running backs to go more lateral and not downhill so because of that now you you go to the college game well if the high schools don't want those back anymore. The cottages can't find him so now the colleges make adjustments. They go to a game and all of a sudden. You only have five or six schools. That's putting out running backs that can go in the nfl. It's so you look at georgia. You look at alabama. You look at Lsu you look at ohio state usc. Maybe arkansas. maybe wisconsin. If they don't come from those schools they're not going to because the other schools don't run the football the same kind of way so now. Nfl since you can't find the feature running backs anymore now they say okay. Well we can't just line up and run downhill because we don't have the kinda running back and do it. Now we're gonna go to platoon and then now we're going to throw the football more so it's been a gradual evolution of the game because you haven't had those stars at the running back position every year usually get one guy star running back coming out of college right and this year we may not get that one guy so what happens is we don't have a free a feature running back you've got to kind of make do what you what you have in. The focus goes from running running the ball to throw in the ball. But when you get a guy like derrick henry you say you know what we are going to run him to the wheels fall off and so and it still works and it works. Yeah and when you. But here's the thing you have to find that star zeke elliot. He's a star. You don't have that you don't have those guys coming out every year. See you don't have a guy in this becoming out in the draft this year Like zeke elliott like adair kennedy. They're just there anymore because they change positions and they're playing linebacker now and so. That's the sad part about the running back position. Well let's talk about football today and your pittsburgh steelers first time in team history. There are eleven and no. But there's some rumblings that they're really not a really good eleven undefeated team that they are. What's your take on one. How they're playing in. Do you believe that they are overrated. I have a hard time believing that a team. That's undefeated eleven is overrated. But what's your thoughts. I'm but i'm sure you don't have a hard time believing that steelers overrated.

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