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The real price and You're going to build your you know your tuition payments around high paying high ticket items. Well i mean think about it and this is in an earlier podcast that we did i. We both raised our prices during this pandemic. We both raised their prices. You know so. I'm not at night anymore. You know from my basic program. I'm at one fifty six twenty three right. Yeah i went from one thirty five to one forty five but you know what's funny to the new people which are all coming through the door. They're they're like. Wow that's very affordable and it's true because most of the be jj schools and other taikwondo schools in my area. Are there a little bit more expensive than me. I was always at the top end of the price level. I was always actually is charging way more than england. And then of course i kept my prices steady. 'cause in my mind i didn't want to keep growing every year and you know all feeling like it's all about the money So this is my first price increase in like two or three years and And rightfully so look at ten bucks. One of the moms be perfectly scares you emails. She said you know. I see that you raise your prices. You know their ten dollars per student. That's twenty dollars a month. And you know and i'm reading the email and finally at the entrance. Oh never mind. I won't via starbucks this week. Like she was being funny. You know like making fun of people who are always looking to nickel. And i just won't buy some and then all equals out. You know like so. It was pretty cool my daughter. She's funny he's addicted disarm us and she'll sit in the house and have the door dashed to our house when the chocolate chip cookie and a starbucks. And i'm like you just pay twenty four bucks to have a coffee and he delivered. He's like well. What am i gonna do that. I love it and my knocking have it and like well. I guess it's your money and you really want it once a week. That's your indulgence. Like who's to say you know right people's drink wine cigars you know. Everyone's gotta have it and by the way Most of the time people have money for what they wanna have money for so my my warning is this to the rule owners to People are becoming very bargain savvy. You know because everyone's given deals everyone's making special accommodations schools businesses. Whatever they're going out of their way to make things affordable because it's our livelihood. But i'm be very careful that you don't price yourself and give away to form Because you know that's just a recipe for disaster anyway. 'cause once we come out of this you'll never be able to change those prices because you'll be so low ridiculously low so just be careful. You know i. I understand yeah and i. I the other thing that we've done this month as we went back and going through The the list of people that are on trial and never finished the trial right and We put them in an automation with just a text message in an email and then we also had it then. Create a.

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