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I didn't. Make any posts on facebook Angie. I don't think people should take off if it becomes. I think it'd be a David Service away. Oh okay. Says you know especially in? So I think there should be a bad service for for white males LEMME LEMme. Make something real clear to you. If you if you really want white people to get behind June team, they gotta have. Bad enough to juggle. Skiing Mlk Day. June team should be their service to white men and Casey. Be a of service for white women says they benefit from civil rights more than anybody. They have in having ship-back so I've never had a job where I got Martin Luther King. Day Off Nether. I mean either. Construction will when I worked for the large construction company we did because. There's a federal holiday. It was a federal holiday, so no nothing was open, right? It's a federal holiday, but working in media, I worked every every them. I never I always take it off regardless either way. If I'm working, I'm not necessarily work makes makes perfect sense. Shana! Collie who. Who is on twitter? She's A. She's a TV writer. She tweets had a dream where June. TNT got gentrified Cinco de Maya. Style and White Frat guys wearing to Shakey's to bar hop and drunkenly sing stuff like Wade in the water. That's right. That's exactly why. Is Service. and. This is exactly why should be a day of service. I thought that was amazing. Turn into Saint Patrick's Day. Pretty much. Yeah. Now I went to snoop's for this next thing because it's very snow, psy did trump brag that he made June t the very famous. Yes? Yes, he did. That is a correct attribution. According slopes on June nineteenth eighteen, sixty five over two months after this render of confederate General Robert Lee. Army at Apple Matic's courthouse. Union Major General Gordon Granger. As leader of the Union force sent to squash pockets of confederate resistance in Faraway Texas issued a decree, saying the people of Texas are informed that in accordance with the proclamation from the executive of the United States leaves are free. This involves an absolute quality, personal rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection here to four, existing between them, becomes that between employer and hired Labor. Now it's been celebrated locally in black communities across America since eighteen sixty five, as the day when the news of a man's patient reached the furthest pockets of slavery in Post Civil, War America but awareness has been hampered. Mostly because we don't learn about it. No one learns about it in school. Never came up. And we. Go on Jason as. Cabanas still watching, but my buddy band I worked with them at USAA and I'm not sure what it was. Like, told me about June teen, or was on the calendar and I asked I asked what what's. What's the stated? Because USAA was on the calendar. That we have is June t there's. What's this, but that was in my mid twenties. And I. Thought, I knew black. I was way more reasons than that and and I. Don't recall if I heard about it. When black lives matter I popped is a thing or if it was something that Korea made me aware of it was one of those two, and it was probably. Maybe five years ago, four or five years ago, before that I'd never even heard of it, and actually I had to be honest. I didn't know about it until I got out here and in. My friends in the military that were from. Texas S ICAGO. They were the ones that told me about it and ever since I learned about it been member like okay. Yeah. USA San Antonio. That's why they on a calendar. Yeah, well, trump was asked and Wall Street Journal interview. Did you move your rally off June? Eighteenth? Can you talk about why you did that? And he said well I did that out of respect, because I had to African American friends and supporters and most people, and I went to a lot of people they didn't. They hadn't heard the term June eighteenth in. We're in the reporter said. Do you know what that was? He said. I did something good I made it famous. I Made June eighteenth very famous, it's actually an important event. It's an important time, but nobody had heard of it. Very few people have heard of it actually a young African American secret service agent knew what it was. I had political people who had no idea. Did you ever hear of June teeth before? The A communications director Elissa Farris at I didn't from last year when that White House put out a statement, trump said Oh really. We put out a statement. The trump white. House put out a statement and she replied yes..

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