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Were grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at par cast and twitter at podcast network. This is our first episode food on the still incurable syndrome that came to be known as fatal familial insomnia and the anonymous Italian family. That's been haunted by this mysterious disease for centuries this week we'll trace the family's troubled history from the pre. Napoleonic canals of Venice to twentieth century Padua successive generations tried and failed to understand their biological curse next week will explore the discovery that revolutionized the study. We have infection and learn how fatal familial insomnia fits inside a much larger and deadlier paradigm of diseases than anyone could have imagined engined. We cannot help but sleep. We can try to avoid it it. As many a procrastinating teenager or anxious warrior has attempted but we will always fail eventually it might take a few minutes or a few hours but that familiar heaviness behind the islands eventually sneaks up but what if sleep didn't return to you after a long day of work what if no matter how you twisted.

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