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When I was a child they had like rubber sheets and they would put the. Pasta ravioli and they would dry it totally, do you do that when you may, you know I tried to dry out the fettuccini. Little just to give it so it, would be More have more body. And took so. Long and never find out if I I. Have not tried it. Yet I don't know I don't. Know. How I feel, about that, I'll, try it all it really is a lighter, tasting okay then later tasting I mean ravioli especially if you're going. To make it here It can be. Not gummy but heavy I know mine was. A little too thick. But I just figured that was. Because. I didn't roll, it out, enough, I just need to get it thinner yeah A little bit you'll find that it's when you. Put it in the pie and you. Okay Okay very late. How long, do you put them in for you can you can show you can watch them. I mean you can, tell, by looking at them and then they kind of like rise up. You can tell well okay but I give ballpark on it like a. Minute Oh no longer than that really yeah longer than that than. That if you know, they're, light because you do the spaghetti or the fettuccini Yeah it's like a minute No it's. It's it's, later than that I mean I like it depends, on how you cut, it how? Thick it is you know but if you let it, dry out a little bit it's, very light, and and really. You know, it's really good, I mean you. Know, pasta I love pasta Every day there isn't anything you can't put in pots and then of course nowadays if. You go online there are so many different sauces that you, can put in it you, know what I mean late sources I. Mean it's just endless you heard the woman the woman. I think, it, was Lila. Talk about Brown butter. And sage, that's used to be a thing that's very popular, I I guess there, are a? Lot of restaurants that will you know will carry that, but you can put, CHAI in, it you, can put crab. Meat and, lemon zest and, Capers I mean You can't put Nevada Yolly that's why it's so good chocolate chocolate cream ravioli lemon. Meringue ravioli I mean you know you use a a real, nice chocolate like cocoa type, chocolate you don't even have you can. Use this kind of like a little pies and yeah. All right Thanks for the heads up on all that stuff just. Like. I said Inputting their heavy asparagus Cadillac. Thank you. Very. Much nice evening okay and Linda call next week when you get. Some more ideas, out in the meantime. I'll practice getting thinner we'll talk to Bob. In the north end it's WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty after CBS news update what a mess in parts of central and eastern Pennsylvania's days of heavy rains pushed rivers pass their banks and Phil basements and roads with, several feet, of water rich bar. Bullish of. Lackawanna county emergency management we have some really heavy rain for several, hours throughout the county mainly the the southern half of the county which affected river levels. Causing them to rise the river went over its. Banks in several spots a high water force rescues the people who tried to drive through flooded areas on roads s'more from correspondent Don daler in, central Pennsylvania rescue crews. Fielded calls for help by boats.

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