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And to me, that's where the value lies, and that's where I want to own it. It's amazing. We talk about that makes it makes a ton of sense. Actually. So I would then take that and suggests that if if complex were to ever by sports rights that you would be sacrificing your authentic voice to the lifestyle component you wouldn't wanna put it sounds like it's bifurcated. Right. One thing you could say the storytellers at a behemoth NBC. Just saying true to who you are exactly is. I'm not saying that complex people don't care about sports. They do. They about sports all, especially bass NBA and about like no, in soccer care about them a lot. They don't wanna hear us analyze a game. That's not what they come too complex for. Right. And this is why I laugh. There's some sports brands out there that are going to remain nameless that are trying to enter into these other areas. I'm like, you know what? Stick the goddamn stats. All right. Have some fun with that and that world important for the people who want to hear the rats, but the original programming, the narrative of the athlete. We talked about this with across obviously a sport that hasn't reached mainstream at the level of the NBA. The NFL be LS, but no matter the sport. And your point around the last second shot, the underdog story, the product that you see on field on court in pool when you see that highlight moment. It's pretty awesome as long as it's broadcasted well, but what makes it better is, do you know those people that converted on that moment? And that requires a story. That's right. And it requires often, third party platform is as much as as I blabber and talk through my social channels. Nothing is more effective than if complex covers me your give yourself credit. But at the end of the day, here's the funny thing is we make decisions are business decisions not based on the PNL. We consider the PNL afterwards. We make business decisions based on what who we are as a brand and the conversation we wanna have with the consumer base in how realistic conversation is the other things that you're talking about. A lot of those business, those businesses or brands that are making, you know, sports rights are doing it because of a busy. They're trying to reverse engineer a business result. They are not thinking about the end consumer. They are not thinking about what that brand means. The not thinking about what positioning that that does four. Them exactly in. And it's, I'm sorry if you start to chase then once you start to chase, you're gonna chase forever and it's over for you. It's over. We we say, with new technology and new media, especially with millennials in jen's. They have x Ray vision on character on brand authenticity. And if you start chasing, they're gonna. They're gonna smell it and it's over and it's over. And then you don't mean anything? Yeah. And you don't mean anything? You're a commodity and it's just that's not the game. I wanna play wild. It's just that simple. Yeah. So complex all over social richer on Twitter. We've talked about this a lot, and and you've shared with me that your thought process as a leader, your vision often comes out on Twitter? I before you even talk to executives internally and and yeah, probably not do that, but it's motivational encouraging. It's also challenging in. Some cases. So before we sat down and we're kicking around the idea of going through some of your latest Twitter activity as a way to to spawn some some of what you think about daily. So I highly had a bunch and and we'll use this as jumping off points. But this is one I love in quotes going for big time, but they're serious downsides to this grand slam or strikeout business culture. Society we have created. So for me that that's telling you know that there's layers to this, like those levels that comment that, you know, number one, I actually really, unfortunately. I try and be very positive for the most part. I think there's a lot of people who are just acting like entrepreneurs or don't understand everything that goes into it, and there's a lot of people who are trying to do it. I Meyer their hustle, but they might not have all of the traits to make it work. And I think there's too many people that have fallen in love with the allure of it versus the reality of have they challenge themselves to truly do..

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