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Know, you're not gonna hit every ball out of the park as Dan. A lot of holding a lot. I mean, the Cody parkey things sticking sticking in people's craw. But for the most part is hard to find an executive that's had as many hits this year. Right. I saw some of the the bloggers Aaron landing and some of the other guys I follow on Twitter debating if he's going to get executive of year. I think it's it's gonna win in a landslide. Because most of the good teams have already acquired the talent. You don't pull the Khalil Mack trade and then sign Robinson and signed Berkman signed Gabriel and hire a new head coach. I don't know if there's a way you could have a greater off season impact. I think he's gonna we it's gonna be a landslide. Here's another. Another example of being able to see all sides of the story doesn't mean to Kevin was a good pet. Doesn't mean that Leonard Floyd was a good pick. Doesn't mean the giving Cody parking nine million dollars was a prudent financial decision. You also have to acknowledge all the really good things that were done this off season by that front office. Right. Absolutely. What do you got? What you good gentlemen. Sometimes in the NFL the good teams just win even though it's not very pretty. And then exactly what the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City. Chiefs did yesterday as they both moved to nine in one. Meaning we have a nine and one showdown in Mexico City next Monday nights. I was annot Cooper cop. True..

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