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And i love what you said if just like guiding her moment by moment because a lot of it for me and when i think of my daughter's is just helping them understand how they fit into the world and understanding that their value does not come from likes on instagram. They no one else needs to give you permission to feel like my single lowest barrier of success of the dead is if she knows that instagram does not determine her worth. I've won everything else. I can get a little bit wrong with me. I want that to be one hundred percent right because that is i feel like so much where girls go into the world and they look for that external validation and it just messes up the wiring from day one and it never comes if it does. It's usually always in the wrong way and ends up going in place that you don't want to go so the other part you're doing very well is you're actually giving her the model of what a man looks like and the other idea that i often talk about is data. The shotgun at the door is the dad that set the bar low. So like your bar is going to be extremely high and while you may not like the first one but the second one she brings home. She'll always come to the logical conclusion like yeah. This guy is not my dad. He's kitten to the curb and you just got to trust her. Because you knew how how you live your life lead like self leadership within yourself. And that she'll look at that model and understand how what does real masculine love like. 'cause you're the i love. She ever had in her life and she's gonna use that to model every other love that she brings into it exactly. And so that's why know our routine. I have her every friday night in every friday night. His daddy daughter date night and we always she just pick the restaurant we go to she gets to you know planet out and we do it We you know we go out to the restaurant..

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