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Struck around two o'clock this morning, then Vincent no signs of foul play. They say they'll release more information after his family's been notified. With continuing news updates from around the state. I'm Kyle Wilson. Pleasant weather Force here today. Mix of clouds and sun temperatures up around just over 70 Here this afternoon. Clear overnight Tonight Low 50 Sunny, mild or upper seventies Tomorrow Partly cloudy cooler upper sixties Friday. I'm Ken Boon from the Weather Channel on 1061 FM Talk Next news in 30 minutes. Follow us on social media go to one of 61 FM talk dot com To connect Here's a thought. Introducing the newest addition to rain, Total body fuel, really coy lychee Inspired by the sweet exotic, I live flavors of the tropics. Find the snap code at participating 7 11 locations, hand Be transported to a virtual paradise for a limited time. Pick up two cans of rain. Total body fuel for only $4 with seven rewards Download the 7 11 apt to learn more C stores for details off about 2 11 3. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention mission is to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide. This year, the FSB National capital area chapter is hosting activities for you to safely connect support. One another and share stories and lifesaving resource is through the Washington D. C. The Fairfax, Loudon and Manassas out of the darkness experiences, no matter what your connection to suicide or mental health struggles register for an out of the darkness experience today and learn more at fsb dot org's slash fight suicide I. Heart radio goes one on one with Rod Stewart as he discusses how remarkable the creative process is. Absolutely that's just sitting around and you just wait for that inspiration of What am I going to write this song about?.

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