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I'm stephanie gaines bryant teddy gellman is our producer the top stories we're following for you today president biden is in london for the first leg of his three -stop european trip the president will hold talks today with britain's king charles and the prime minister rishi sunak that will set the table for the focus on this trip the nato summit meeting this week in yeah leaders will discuss the ongoing war in ukraine revised plans to deal with with russia debate sweden's entry into the defense alliance and there will also be talk about union admission into the defense alliance ukraine's president vladimir zelinski has been pushing for admission into the nato alliance however senior administration officials said no formal application for ukraine to join nato is expected this week that reporter bo erickson the the final stop will be the hell sinky where the president is expected to celebrate the expanding inc s finland becomes nato's newest member mr biden's comes trip days after the u .s. announced it will send cluster munitions to ukraine a decision many people deemed controversial as cbs news correspondent christian benavitez reports even some democratic lawmakers disagree with the decision to supply the cluster munitions the topic has caused division on the hill even among fellow democrats i'm that the hoping administration would reconsider this because these are very dangerous bombs there are dangerous weapons and this is a line that i don't believe we should cross it's the ukrainians who are asking to be able to use these on their own soil ukraine is also running out of ammunition which mr biden said weighed into his session to provide the cluster bombs you heard california representative barbara lee and delaware senator chris coons in that report treasury secretary janet yellen has concluded her four -day visit to china secretary yellen spent four days talking with top chinese officials it's important to establish person -to -person relationships to open ongoing channels of communication she tells cbs's face the nation the talks in beijing took place at a critical time my purpose is to make sure that we don't engage in a series of unintended escalatory actions that will be harmful to our overall economic relationship the u .s. and china are the world's two largest economies and cbs news a popular energy drink backed by influencers is facing scrutiny from lawmakers and health experts over its potentially dangerous levels of and caffeine its appeal to children senate majority leader chuck schumer is asking the fda to investigate logan paul and ksi's drink prime for its health claims marketing kids towards and caffeine content which equals six coke cans or almost two red bulls product so much caffeine in it that it puts red bull to shame but unlike red it bull is specifically targeted the advertising campaign is targeted at kids as a stone says her twelve -year -old son is influenced by prime social media campaigns he asked me to go london to because there are two flavors of prime that are out in london company representatives have prime is clearly labeled not recommended for children under eighteen julie walker new york our afternoons have been filled with storm activity this past week but in the west in southwest the heat goes on and up drying out forests and at your records it's not rocket science you make the planet hotter you can get more frequent intense long lasting heat waves michael man and other scientists warn climate change could also trigger devastating wildfires to prevent even more extreme weather events professor man warns action is needed now if things are done what do you predict summers could look and feel like just five years from now i hate to think about that take the hottest the most searing uh heat wave that you've ever experienced in your life we would instead call that summer experts say everyone can help cool the planet by just using less gas energy and that cbs is elise preston south korean opposition lawmakers are sharply criticizing the head of the u .n's nuclear watchdog for his approval of these plans to release treated wastewater from the damage if you could fukushima nuclear power plant they held a tense meeting with the international atomic energy agency sunday in seoul as protesters could be heard screaming outside of the door last week the i a e a approved the japanese plans saying the treated water would meet international safety standards the grasses of the chesapeake bay are spreading with the overall acreage up to twelve percent and that's good news the water fowl that flock to the upper chesapeake bay depend on the underwater grasses that grow there and the eel grass found in the lower bay is important to the region's iconic blue crabs eel grass is excellent cover for reproducing blue crabs those are just some of the reasons that doug myers maryland senior scientist with the chesapeake bay foundation says the news that the increase of big grasses is up by twelve percent is welcome cutting pollution in the bay increases the clarity of the water all of our cleanup efforts are really working restore to those grasses and all the living resources that depend on kate ryan wtop news coming traffic up after and weather how grandparents can help fund their families higher education i'm mark hamrick with a lookout how five twenty nine plans can be used in my report just ahead two thirty six supplemental security income program provides monthly payments to help meet basic needs like putting food on the table paying the rent or buying new shoes for growing feet you may qualify if your income and financial resources are low and you're sixty five or older or an adult or child with a disability or who is blind call one eight hundred seven seven two one two one three or go to ssa dot gov slash ssi to start to apply. 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