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The investigation stopped at that point so there you go ladies gentlemen hoyer is going to be in studio with us coming up the next segment before he gets in his car and drive down to the austrian police department the foul a complaint calling for criminal investigation of antifur here in austin over the weekend there was a rally a vigil for kate stanley the woman killed by illegal alien who the san francisco jury just released saying that it you know it's it's it's it's you know we were politically correct it's okay to shoot a woman the back and habbard i don't even get a manslaughter charge while the nfl was out there with their guns bumping in and hitting oon and wouldn't let him would let him get to the rallies are violating civil rights brandishing a literal mass group of thugs um where the weapon with weapons and actually assaulting him with the club's getting in the elbows running into him coming up behind the camera that's what they do upping into him on camera the straight up assault with slimy scars e smiling weirdos the field didn't have mask on looking like you know what from central casting the guy's got his finger right there by the trigger he's in an aggressive stance brandishing taking his finger by the trigger and they tell ellen you're scared aren't you your shaken we got guns we got clubs i mean that's the definition of menacing so the fact that they're menacing where the firearm while wearing masks makes an aggravated felony and vice versa the assaulting him and blocking his injury to a public park for a rally is a civil rights violation and then doing it with guns and mass is a double aggravated double aggravated metabolism you go to store he steal the case baird's run out the door you might yet six months in jail you go in there with a gun might get 20 you shoot somebody market life it's called aggravated you weren't matched with guns threatened people aggravated civil rights violations racketeering they arrest people for block it abortion clinic entrances and chargeable felonies now clear the law says bloch block it's my entrance to services commerce whatever that's the law while these these people have guns hitting them with clubs surrounding him.

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