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I'm if it were me personally I would I would take a look at the two nursing homes in McKee's port for your father they charge more than a couple thousand dollars a lot more in fact yeah I know however because we're talking about Medicaid when you get him into the Medicaid program everything's covered he will have enormous bills like senior care okay on level are I don't think they they didn't Medicaid everybody to Medicare no they do not they are not a nursing home in the key supporters riverside in K. so Denise if you if your dad goes to seek what is called skilled nursing care at a at a traditional nursing home then you could apply for Medicaid or medical assistance and that would cover the cost of his care but if you so it's really important to know if you're looking at places for him what what type of facility that that particular facility is and if they do if it is a nursing home you know make sure that you understand you know that they a nursing home accepts Medicaid personal care you can't you can't get Medicaid for personal care so you want to make sure and like Karl said I mean if if you're if you're in the position where you're really not sure where he should be and your with his so with his limited assets to I mean you don't want to go somewhere and just have all of his money just be spent on care over a year period of time in any as nothing left so if you were right I mean he would be proud you know I an ideal candidate for applying FOR medical assistance because his spend down be pretty minimal and and he was so if he it becomes you know eligible for medical assistance Medicaid will cover the full cost of his care in a nursing home at nursing dinner singer is saying like riverside like riverside right we get about reverse that and I've been in there I don't yeah but I didn't I've been having this conversation with clients recently and I think a lot of people get confused as to I think a lot of people just call any type of facility right a nursing home and they're not all the same so you have to make sure you know where where what you're looking at because if you're going if you're looking at personal care for example the you know you're typically probably gonna be private paying for that so in you're not getting Medicare will not cover the cost of his care and in personal care okay I said I didn't know that right there you still deny sales accepted but I knew senior care to okay yeah that's your your your your the prime case frankly I mean I have been a that's fine as he is and what she of the could give the office a call call Jen baby too March he's out of that office most of the time you have the phone number for our yeah Hillsborough right yeah I like I like I said I was already there a couple years ago how how can I forget who I talked with well I didn't know how to help in the store thank you Tyson is get in touch with them all right explain the difference what what does Medicare cover what DO first let's go ahead and get real real remedial for me what's the difference between Medicaid and Medicare so Medicaid is what we're helping clients typically apply for that is the Medicaid as the primary payer of long term care services in Pennsylvania and Medicare is health insurance for your older pop population right how do I know if the facility takes Medicaid what what determines yes because you just said yes that one does know that one doesn't well perhaps if he if you come and see us and ask us for us will tell you because we know which was doing do not okay otherwise you have to ask them and the a a good barometer is how much do they charge if it's over seven thousand dollars a month it's probably a nursing home and the averages was it just one up for January ten thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars a month why you've to hear you say that's a simple by down spend down your spend down and it's forty thousand dollars and I thought well that doesn't sound like a really easy spend down until Carl what you just said if a month this ten thousand four hundred dollars now actually wouldn't be spending on the nursing a very little of what an envelope what would you do with it well I think in that case we would probably do give some of the pre pay funeral on on some of it probably pay some taxes that might come back in the form of a refund next year okay Hey done any credit card bills and that's it may have those sorts of things so there are ways to get right it's so weird to say you're ahead by getting rid of money but that's what you're saying that that's what it's all going to but I guess I mean you can there's a lot of different things you can spend down or not just telling people to go out and buy you know you can go on by fancy car I guess if you want but because one vehicle is is exam for Medicaid purposes so you have to be careful don't go on my ten cars but but basically what we're saying is you don't you know there's a lot of things you can spend your money on that will put you in your family in a better situation than you were before like if you have credit card debt that ends up becoming dead of your state when you pass away so if you're if you need to spend on the money to get someone eligible for medical assistance so that you don't have to pay ten thousand dollars out of pocket every month might make a really good it might make a lot of sense to pay off that person's credit card debt get them eligible they don't spend any money on the cost of their care and they're and they're probably in a really great facility getting good care so the key is if you're gonna get one car it should be a Ferrari or a blue got a year I will do so it just depends but the the the the the questions for Carl questions regarding elder law for Jan yeah one more segment so get him in right now I don't want to run at a time eight six six three nine one ten twenty to call or two text and I get a text here for you will do it after this is Pittsburgh works on KDKA when.

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