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Record all right so You've you've touched on a lot there. And i'm and i'm just going up front say that i'm sure i got a lot wrong on the radio. Show the other day or on the podcast. I'm sorry with tommy. Because mark down to me and he said you know. I'd love to come on love the update you because obviously we were winging it and look here is my t been my perception in and you have changed it and i've done a lot of reading over the weekend on the obviously Changed it i you know i remember growing up. You know not only being a ball boy that one summer but going to this tournament because i love tennis i play tennis. I had a lot of people in my life that were into tennis so every summer. You know we hooked it down to sixteenth and kennedy for at least a night or two to watch the tournament and i remember the tournament from going from a clay court tournament with a lot of south american. You know players to the hardcore Hardcourts tournament in in the eighties that started to attract all. The guys is a lead up to the open. I i remember going to sing. Becker and seeing lendl so many times and seeing connors and seeing mcenroe and other players during that era and then agassi was a mainstay. You know as it was chang if i recall and others you know during the ninety s but the truth is mark in recent years and i think it coincides with sort of tennis. In general. my interest in tennis has waned. I used to be a massive tennis fan. I can go back and tell you about you. Know super saturday at the open and eighty four with the three matches that went the distance. You know with cash and lendl and martina and chrissie connors mcenroe and the thing ended at eleven thirty. At night i was up early. Sunday mornings for mcenroe borg eighty and eighty one. Like i remember all that stuff. And i was so into it but i'm not as much anymore and i think the country is a whole. Obviously it's not nearly as popular of a sport. So i apologize for not being totally up to speed and when you said it's the fifth largest tournament in the. Us is that prize money based everything. Attendance prize. Money quality of field. It's it's all. Yeah there's the us open which is a grand slam. There's three what's called one thousand of them. Which are miami indian wells and cincinnati big amounts and then what are the one five.

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