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Home of the saints in nfl those sports giant wwl third in three or the saints from their twenty seven yardline name of it right to left here in the fourth quarter massive has his past broke it up tended four corey fuller and the slant it's broken up by randal evans of the charges yeah that's one full of has attacked with his hands the bbc's clock climbing of the bat of amenity let that get into the body the vp will be able to the knocked the ball out he's got attacked the ball with advanced worst at onto punt away wants more and mitchell page drops deeps standing inside his twenty five yard line to our laugh more state gets away nicely page retreats alway back to his 10yard by hunting home straight ahead to the twenty had cried goes down as he's coming up the sideline before his driven out of bounds in front of the charger bench but a flag down back in the twenty two yard line think that's under the block in a back a against the chargers they will shorter man to manila ahead a t r they had a lead of 10 out there fficials sorting things out again a referee is carl scheffers this broadcasts is presented by the authority of the national football league in his intended for the private use raw audience in rebroadcast or other use of this broadcast without the express written consent of the nfl that i wore saints is strictly prohibited roll first down scheffers mike is breaking up put depending on the last goes against the chargers and sets a football back to around the eleven yard line mina minded hub los angeles chargers had an inch string promotion this week if you got a tattoo with the charger theme they would pay four and of course nothing says your undying affection for eighteen than risking hiv out pension i got a few tattoos but.

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