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The morning on seven ten w o r. So you are you're an interesting guy, why. Well, because you were just fascinated by Nazi stuff. And I'm not saying in a morbid, we know orbit, but nobody even visited concentration camps which I just couldn't do. Well, I was a I was a twentieth century European history, major in college. Oh, we when you cover your twentieth-century European history, you do a lot on, on World War, Two Nazis. Yeah. So we got a couple of Hitler stories today. Now what are you saying? Mine comp. So mine conferences, Hitler's his manifesto, right? Mine comedy, my struggle on. That was the book that was the basis of Nazism, anyway. There's a theater in Warsaw Poland. That is actually doing a stage adaptation of mine. Comf-. You know what I they released the single from the show. The. Days. I saw the show. Well, this is actually. L Brooks produce, you know, when Mel wrote that song, and the producers came out the producers of the producers, the movie they were really worried about how the audience would react to it because whenever you loud, holocaust survivors, sure who have seen that movie. And even when the musical came out in two thousand and one I was talking to a producer of the show, the other day, he said, we held our breath, for sure. When the first preview is in Chicago because they, we just don't know how people are going to going to react to it. And there was only one person who was upset and guy he stood up and stormed out of the theater and Mel wanted to talk them. Sure. So Mel stopped him and the guy looked at Mel, and he said, I was in a war and Mel said was I didn't see you there. In general. It was well received it was just that spoof will, but mel's point was the best way to destroy Hitler. The memory of Hitler is to mock and ridicule. And when Mel went to Berlin for the first time when the producers opened Berlin. And they'll always said he was going to do this, and he did it. He rented a black Mercedes Benz and he drove right down the main route in Berlin where Hitler used to drive down, parades black Mercedes Benz. He was like, I was just giving the Jewish finger Nazis. Actually play Bass Strait play based on mine comp than the theater is called the Shek ni theater in Warsaw. They do some pretty controversial stuff. Now. This is not of course, celebration of mine, calm. The point that they're making is that this was a book that led to the horror of the twentieth, century. But I don't know. I try to read mine conference. It's not most scintillating books. I gotta say anyway. So if you wanna see go to Warsaw pass on that one and it starring the well, no nectar jack-up skies on ski I dunno. But this is twenty nineteen and we still don't get it. Listen to this story this unbelievable. Well officials at a high school New Jersey have apologized to parents after a guest speaker described Adolf Hitler in front of the kids as quote a good leader during a mandatory student assembly. So according to letter from the superintendent, Mark Schwartz. The speaker gave presentation to Madison high school student athletes about positive leadership values when he brought up Hitler now they don't name, the guy who is speaking, but apparently the kids were a little upset about it. So the superintendent has had to apologize for a, a speaker who thinks that Hitler had good qualities. President who thinks Putin on a great leaders to does he says it least come on. Come on. Yeah. You wanna hear this idiot of the day? Okay. Prison company here in the studio man into Troy. Well, he saw cockroach running across his room, so he took a shoe off. And he threw it at the cockroach okay, minor problem. He had a handgun that was in the shoe. Yup. Off the cockroach shot. The guy. Shot himself in the foot head cockroach just probably say. That's where the phrase shoot yourself in the foot. That's one lucky cockroach one other piece of video, which you gotta see check out our website, this guy take on a flight in Brazil, somebody took three empty seats and dried out there, wet swimsuits. Seats flights go. These three wet swimsuits just got thousands of comments. People have such a sense of title meant. Comments on social media. Hey, don't you. Call the Laura zip lock baggy miraculously holes wet bathing suits, the luggage, Abacha debt. One of the many charming stories today. More of our Memorial Day show coming up. But first, let's check out the rest. Twenty seven in Linden has been closed.

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