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No i mean it's already happened like for the people who are on board with this like the andrews oven essentially treat like peter because as if he was fired. It's like he. He put up with like the harassment as long as he could but then finally he had to step down. He was a a non tenure track Professor at portland state. I my guess. Is you make a lot more money. Being you know the free speech martyr being the i'm standing up to like critical race theory and stopping the soon nami of illiberal ideologies from sweeping the land. Then you just kind of teaching a few courses a year absolutely. I mean this. This is a failure of the market to to adequately compensate tenure track faculty. But i don't know if he was trying to get into the tenure track or if he was gonna i don't know what was going on but you know the the. The reason that he was disciplined was for Not having cleared his research through human subjects that that quote unquote research where they sent out fake journal articles because technically they were involving editors in in an experiment and they you know they. They think that this is the stupidest most unfair bias treatment. Because who would think that that's human subject human subjects research but that should happen in fact it happened to elizabeth loftus university of washington where she was disciplined by her own university at least not supported by her in university. Because she did some research there was. She said he's false. Memory and there was a person who is claiming that they had evidence that patient had actually experienced memory recovery like this false memory recovery and they had published this article like a case study in the case that he was like. I had this young girl who was traumatized by this incident and then years later. It's like the claim was that they had videotape evidence of her spontaneous recovering. Memory so elizabeth loftus in her co author went And did some like journalistic investigation to try to find out who this patient was so that they could like write an article like whatever defending themselves. Well they uncovered who it was that woman sued elizabeth loftus for having whatever investigated her in like sacrificing her anonymity and then university of washington said you never cleared this through human subjects and elizabeth loftus was like no this was.

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