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And get scrappy again and get in the game and here's what i mean um you know were tony horton where talked about my last uh podcast was um introduced me at the superdome to that talk that big audience and he was one of my big guided denied the x in right up to college or in college draft koch hammer and a so you just a huge huge eugene back my life and so he nine abdou an online course together his course called living large tony horton and i think it's on growth dot com if the courses still up anyway um he was out at my house and one time he said you know i've been thinking about doing this art project and he started tell me about it and he said i you know he is he was describing it to me uplisting listening listening and then you guys have while you know i don't know when oliver get to that and i said saturday sounds like a good day he was what i said what are you doing the saturday he goes i dunno i said well start and he kind of looked at me and he just laugh because he's like sometimes we need to be just frigate told that start get in there be scrappy look if you start your podcast with two hundred bucks rock on man go 'cause i also tell my team all the time strip it down to the most essential elements the needle movers get rid of everything else everything else just the needle moore's what's the needle mover and podcasting in you hearing me right now what's a take it takes a mike and takes this basically little booth to keep out the the crazy noises around here and it takes that computer but that's it i could say i i need to design this room and i do have ambitions to ultimately make this venture in fancier don't need to you hear my voice people are liking it when we debut the new episode of that first brennan showed kicked the podcast back into the territory the top ten again it was pretty awesome and i share that with you because while the obvious take away.

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