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On the major social media and stuff, and I get I get tons of clicks. I get a lot of likes. I get a lot of complimentary comments. I'm just not converting anything into sales. So what do you what do you? Call like tons of likes. How many well, for example, on the one the one that what I just started putting the site up week ago, and I've got over five hundred likes. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. All right. So you're trying. So your question to me is how can you spread the word without going to paid advertising? Right, right. Because also I've been doing basically for the paid advertising years. I'm just spending money on clicks. And not really getting a benefit from it. So people are clicking. But they're not buying. I get people leave likes and comments on how nice things look. But. You need him to buy something every once in a while. Me myself. I know I said you need you need a customer every once in a while. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Do you know what I looked at your Oetzi shop? Have you seen his SC shop? Yes. I have first of all I think you need to get rid of the seasons. Greetings at the top. Steve. Yeah. I in fact, I was going to change that today and didn't get around to yet. Yeah. I mean, you know, Christmas is gone gone. But. So what do you think Andrew? Well, there's a lot of products. That's for one thing. I mean, it's like one hundred eighty different things in the shop. And I'm confused. You said it was your photography is the the Cup with the dragon flying on it. Is that your original art? It's it's my original art. Yeah. I should rephrase that I use my photography, and I also use some graphics programs, and sometimes I merged the two together using my my photography and creating graphics. And then I also apply painting like textures and stuff appearance to the items, and is the theme of the shop bible verses with an image. Actually. No, that's just just started. Posting recently. I started actually working on another website, which was a religious based gifts, and basically taking my images and art and putting scripture vs on it. And I've been posting it to the same Betsy shop, and I'm thinking about setting up a separate Oetzi. I mean, you can do that. But you know, you only we one good at sea shop because then you driving traffic to two different places. Okay. Initially. My thought is that if you could do a decent Instagram account. And so you'd have a bible verse of the day. And so people love that where you put a photo up with a bible verse of the day, and then you can put, you know, see, the see my bio for links to products like this where if you share and things like that. Then I think that would be something also you can do a quick and dirty Email newsletter the day because then you could also do one bible verse in the day that I think would also be beneficial. I think it'll help drive some traffic. So why don't you try that you need help setting it up along the way Steve just know that we're here for you. Right right now. I gotta do the photography tips. Brought to you by the fast photo scanner talking about getting closer. And instead of zooming again. You know, sometimes you don't want to zoom in at a large as the image. But compresses the quality in addition to that you want to try a different angle every once in a while. I mean being your own telephoto lens look for things from a different angle allows for a different perspective and search for finer details, we get down instead of just looking at somebody I level.

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