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Charlie how did Maria Sharapova 's retirement announcement go down she made announcement in a penned essay on Vanity? Fair and I think he went out in vogue as well and she basically said that she didn't really have anything less than that. She would miss the competition. The sport was able to expose some of my greatest characteristics. The characteristic of never giving up a fighting for every point of going after my dreams. She talked about putting on her trainers and going out there. And giving it everything but that it was time you know. She had a lot of injuries and she talked about the fact that it'd be nice to be able to do some other things and have a cup of coffee and not worrying about the fact that she should be training or have an extra slice of cake and not think. Oh I'm going to have to do a double training session to make up for that. So it sounded like she'd reached a point where she'd make peace with it. Tennis showed me the world and it showed me what I was made of. It's how I tested myself. And how I measured my growth in so in whatever might choose for my next chapter my next mountain. I'll still be pushing. I'll still be climbing. I'll still be growing the end. And she tumbled way down to number three hundred seventy three in the world rankings. The almost no dear came at the. Us Open last September when she being six one. Six one by Serena Williams in a in a pretty humiliating defeat never really took public beating and in truth of the last few years she she'd had some good results but not really hit the heights of why she was before. So obviously we're Sharipova is now in two thousand. Twenty is very different from where she was when she first burst onto the scene. Remind us about the tennis. World's introduction to Maria Sharapova whether it really came in two thousand and four at Wimbledon Russia's Maria Sharapova was just seventeen and seated thirty as. She made her first appearance in a Grand Slam final facing her twenty two year. Old American Serena Williams the defending champion number one seed and very much the favorites going into the match.

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