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Elect Joe Biden nominating Deb Holland be the Interior secretary. She'd be the first Native American to serve in a presidential cabinet. You're listening to ABC News. This is Frank Lindsay in the comb. Oh newsroom, Auburn police shot and killed a man last night It happened your fourth Street, Southeast and T Street Southeast Police saw a disabled vehicle blocking the road. One of the people in it had a warrant out for his arrest with officers tried to take him into custody. They say he rare and police say he pointed a gun at officers. One of them shot the suspect and he died. Now with more news. Here's Ryan Harris Washington State added another 3000 new covert cases in the day since the previous report, but that might include as many as 1000 duplicates. 75 more people died for a total of 3117. There's also another 161 people in the hospital with coronavirus. The latest projections from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation that you W show Washington's covert death total. Now it's 6844 by April, 1st down from just over 7200 last week with vaccine And universal masking. That number could drop by another 1000 ih Me's projections show the U. S Death total up by more than 55,000 from last week to nearly 562,000 by April 1st now to the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center in Bellevue, Up to three left lanes of eastbound I 90 are closed overnight between 1/50 Avenue east and state route 900 for road work. And two lanes of westbound I 90 between the west End of the Mercer Island Lid and the Mount Baker Tunnel are also closed in the Lakewood area. The north bound by five on ramp from foreign Lane is closed until 4 30. The north, bound by five. Exit to Thorne Lane is also closed for road work. I'm J. Phillips, Cuomo 24 7 traffic. The Kamo forecast way are gearing up for the right of storms over the next couple of days. A set to bring us times of rain. Even gusty.

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