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Editors in Washington are calling for an investigation into the state's unemployment system Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and the top Democrat on the Senate finance committee Ron Wyden are sending a letter to the inspector general of the labor department they're asking for an investigation the two say Florida's record of paying unemployment claims is quote uniquely poor they also want to make sure that the state has been properly distributing federal aid through the carers act the I. G. has yet to respond to that request I'm Rory o'neill this weekend the sunshine state sets a new single day record of covert nineteen cases since re opening lieutenant governor Jeanette Nunez says the numbers are only increasing because of the volume of testing being done you look at let's just take your pick for example I think it has been our largest test result date to date we had roughly fifty five thousand test results congresswoman Debbie more car sold Powell is calling on state and county officials to address the lack of contact tracing before South Florida moves into phase two of re opening a ten PM curfew in Orange County has been lifted mayor Jerry Demings announced the curfew implemented may thirty first has been lifted effective immediately a phone fraudster trying to steal from Tampa electric customers to go says customers are reporting receiving phone calls from a person saying they are from the billing department if you don't pay immediately over the phone face disconnection to go says they would never try to collect money from you by phone or text if you get a call like that police reported to TKO the mega millions jackpot for tonight's drawing is up to an estimated four hundred ten million dollars there hasn't been a jackpot winner since February eleventh so the jackpot keeps growing mega millions is played in forty five states Washington DC and the U. S. Virgin Islands with.

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