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Right out in the middle of the street. You have trod through it on the boulevard and it's just things are just awful. On the daily. There was his word. Yeah. And other varieties of just brilliant cursing, really brilliant cursing on. That's what I want to see. I want to see the truth. Yeah, I mean their stories. Their stories of about settlers making their way across the prairie in Minnesota and the mosquito swarms were so gnarly that grown men would just flop to the ground and sob. That's what I want to see. Home. Wow, Kenny, that's quite a visual here. Oh, time I get to real. Oh, wow. I don't want to see bonnets and bloomers. You know, I just wanna see blood Blind Mary. You doing? You driven across Minnesota, right? And you don't even notice how many times you cross a river, a creek or a stream? Think about the impossibility of traveling from the Wisconsin border, the Saint Croix River over the Mississippi and then crossing all those rivers and streams all the way over to the Dakotas just awful, just awful, and that's what I want to see. Yeah. What's called the Arthur. She knows about all this. I mean, she actually lived personally. Here. Kid goes blind along the way. Yeah. Throw that in. Oh, man, And then you're then there's a bad touch from a weird mine. I mean, horror, right? That happened to me. Oh, my gosh. Well, Sexual assault assault in the barn. Bye bye, Mime. You've got mail, original Little house on the prairie scenes and sets because I guess there's a guy that played a blacksmith in the ninth season. He has the church and the Ingram homestead. Cool so they could actually use the original. Buildings there. Two of you? Yes, that's kind of cool. Well, Megan Layne writes to us. Laura Ingalls Wilder had a daughter with almonds. Oh, her name was Rose, but she's dead, too. That's right. Yeah, Dead passed away in the sixties. The lawyer got it. And now the lawyer's kid and trying to make the decisions of what's the right thing to do. So that's why it's taken so long. That's there are not enough. Elmont. Zoe's in the world. I just wanna have a little sidebar conversation with that. Manz. Oh, hey, we're married to almonds. Oh, yeah. Who's your new friend? Delmont. So what? Guess who's interested in playing Mrs Olsen? Oh, who's a bitter old? Hey, who's a man from Sex and the city? I think of the original show. Mrs. Olson was a shopkeeper, right? Yeah. Nellie Olsson's mom. She's the nemesis of the show. Who Nellie Olsson's mom, Nelly. Oh, that would be great. She's the perfect age. She is now. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. You lost me. What? No. You mean now. Alison Nellie Olsen. Nellie Olsen, the actress? Yes. The lady that played Nelly. Yes. Alison Arngrim had Our groom, who wrote Confessions of a Prairie bitch. Oh my God, which is the best name ever. I love that's the only she's the only reason I watch that show so good loved. Yes, Love Nellie. It's how she survived Nellie Olsen and learned to love being hated. Well, TV projects in TV tastes are all cyclical, and they reflect the time and little house became popular during a similar time that we're experiencing now you know, the late seventies, when there was economic turmoil, world turmoil. Um, you know an economic depression and people turn to TV Maurer than they normally did for escape. That's why shows like this that reflected a simple quote. Simpler time were very popular or the opposite shows that showed opulence like lifestyles of the rich and famous became popular, So we're in it. We're in the time right now where things were tough. People may seek out stuff like this. So it's all about timing, and this could be a good time to bring it back. Yeah, you know what? And there's a lot of material to choose from Jason Harmony there like 20 books out banks of Plum Creek Little House in the city. A big house in the red light district. I mean, boy, the scary mind multiple times. Don't go into the Red Barn. There's just sometime in there. Yeah, actually assault you. Mr Olson.

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