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Hotel for three days and sending these eight five lectures, I really think that one of the key differentiator 's with the millennial Dennis versus the the baby boomer dentists like me is they love our long online. See just so easy to do. And you've got an a lot of amazing course. On DMG hyphen dash, America dot com. I want us which another question, I'm all over the board. But it's dentistry and censor was like to talk. What's controversial? And you have the new eco site bulk fill in some of the old school guys are convinced that you need to just put in little layers and cure two millimeters at a time and all this stuff. But when you try to something faster easier better faster easier this bulk fills, very seductive. I mean, it's just nice to put on the incur- five millimeters. At a time is your bulk Phil sales going up and our poster hybrid composites going down you see any material impact. From these bulk composites. These fill materials are definitely moving forward in the right in the upward direction. Absolutely. Again. It's it's a liked to say that we're make something that that forever body. Both bills definitely seem like the newer and the newer alternative, and we wanna make as I said a probably couple times you try to make Dennis lives easier. And by doing that, we can't kinda corners though. Right. You can't have an easy product. It doesn't work. And you know, we feel that with eco site bulk Bill we really came out with an incredible product that that really does what it says. I mean probably cures much deeper than that. But that's what we're that's what we're allowed to say. We we wanted to make sure that product was really did what what what we said. It was going to do in far beyond. And will able to accomplish that we -ccomplish them other things and it handles unbelievably it polishes extremely well. You know, the the filler content is so so even that you don't have these these is almost a lar- large. We kind of talk about them as pebbles and rocks. You know, it's almost like just very even. So at cure. Well handles well at polishes. Well, not sticky really feel like we came out with a great product at somebody. That's that's not that. That's almost voided the Bill because of this not wanting to change what they're doing feel like we came out with a product for them yell. My dad his business was sonic drive-in hamburgers. But when you said that you can't cut any corners. I immediately knew euro Wendy's fan is that's what Wendy said they had square patties because they did not at any corners. You know what really surprise? Me is watching one of your courses online. Dr Carla Cohen who we had on the show. She was up a soda to eighty. She's like one of the most amazing probably the most amazing pediatric dentist of all Canada. And I didn't even dawn on me because I'm not a pediatric dentist at that. This would appeal to pediatric dentists who you think I think a bulk fills a big man like yourself with a big molar, and you know, a lot of ball you. But is this taking off in pediatric dentistry too? Definitely a focus in pediatric dentistry. I think it's one of these changes where it's it's a newer thought. But when we work with pediatric Dennis on this product. Yes. And we are it is it is moving forward there. You know, again, the challenges they have and they can certainly speak to more than I can. But you know, in in spending time in pediatric dental offices. You don't have time. Right. You don't have. You don't have a lot of time or or or or agreement from the patient, and so anything that we can possibly do to save time and make their jobs easier. And certainly both feel is that what both those out. I never understood patch does. I mean, if you wanna patient that can't talk to you. Why don't you just be vac? I mean would not have been much civil. I also love your website drilling. Dash note bash. Thanks dot info drilling. No, things info. Talks about removing white spots. I know Carla talks about this on her show arrest early cavities, remove white spots icon, the news..

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