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The biggest move so far the texans off season is brian gained becoming a new gentlemen rick smith thoughts and prayers growth a him and his wife quit rick smith out brian game in i got was the biggest move i think that's the best move through this point pectins obscene number two is romeo cornell coming back is defensive and there are a lot of things that happened last season on defense jj watt was hurt we'd be merciless was hurt i think is buddhist to shawn watson was because he was a rookie there was too much trust placed on the defense when at that point the defense couldn't really handle it we sought against jacksonville we sought against doing when we sought against seattle but romeo pronounce coming back now that's a wet romeo cornell is a anthony on forget just defense of coordinators offense of coordinators in the history of the nfl it's a huge wet but you go back to the decision that bill o'brien promoted romeo cornell to assistant head coach and that elevated mike rabl two defensive coordinator why would he do that why would bill o'brien do that your you at a great thing i mean the way that romeo cornell was coach of that defense players were comfortable they were effective points per game yards per game they were outstanding so what would be the point of elevating mike rabl unless you thought that romeo cornell didn't want to coach forever lay of romeo cornell wanted to and let's say he was able to wade phillips to seventy years old he's rockstar romeo cornell seventy years old so three four five six more years of romeo cornell really wanted to why would they have just left him in that position there is a re there's something about this that i feel like romeo cornell at some point intimated hours much longer i can do this and seventy years old dick lebow eighty years old and he isn't it a top 10 defense less four years i mean even coordinator which is a day to position that we can see guys coach well into their '60s and '70s north turn of just got another offensive coordinator job he's made me run the panthers offense with cam newton he 65 you can coordinate for a long time in the nfl but i mean at some point you run at a gas you run out of.

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