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A glance at your financial friday everything seems to be under control we find out for sure the president of star fire investments our good friend ron human ronald it good morning steve vote fourthquarter earnings news won't search role women volume until next week but i'm this first friday of the month well i have to make do with the december employment numbers from a labor department now at two hundred and fifty thousand yesterday's news jobs estimate from adp came at a way ahead of estimates today the consensus estimate from labor is one hundred eighty eight thousand the don't be surprised if that new jobs number types 200000 nor more uh earlier this morning constellation brands reported to buxom adjusted quarterly profit that was the good news is the estimate was about eighty seven however sales came up short and consolation shares down about three percent in the pre market uh in spite of a new we announce stock buyback program yesterday the chairman of the securities and exchange commission amd the commodity futures trading commission issue a pair of warnings to the public about putting uh real money at risk and cryptocurrencies uh one of the latest so the crazy claims is called ripple and has reportedly made its creed or the fifth richest person in america if you could magically turn his theoretical met worse than that dollars would be careful out there folks uh we have seventy one days recordsetting dow performance last year and so far we're happy base the top that in 2018 that's the time not a predictions but overseas markets followed us hire once again overnight and it'll be new record time a gun at 930 adjusted for fair value lesson to be 500 futures are up about eight point the dow futures are up eighty nine and the nasdaq futures are thirty two points both their value of suffering best i've come on.

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