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Then. Ben ben ben ben amer hammering hammering ameri more of a challenge for you. You just admitted that. You haven't had coffee so i i know you really baby baby baby bubble baba buoy then. He needs a bit of coffee. It's true i really do need copy. I i'm never too sleepy i snack. That's right that's right. That's everything around is a snack. We're getting close though we're getting. We're almost departing snack. Ville we're onto the full meal any minute and look this is gonna be. This is going to be. It's not even it's like nibble it's like you found an almond astray almond. That's how that's like. Basically as snacky this is. I know emory. You're not really into gal because water. Use and things for you it'll be a walnut. I love a walnut okay. I know you're ready ready. Here's your walnut. I don't know anything about this. That's why it's a tiny snack. What i know is we gotta post to our sub. Reddit suggesting that we discuss this. Other sub read it. And i think you should look at it with me. Do you have the ability to look at it with me. sure You go to our slash celebrity number six k. Got it okay. what are we looking at. What do you see. what's the top of this page. What's the what's the imagery. The imagery is it. Looks like some sort of it's Drawings of some people kind of in the style of whoever draws archer that intimated show archer But there's some people. I see a guy who kind of looks like david spade on the bottom and like bradley cooper on top and then there's a woman in the middle who kind of looks i don't know who she looks like. Okay it's like it's people. Okay so i'm going to tell you what this is. This is a subset that is dedicated to figuring out who one of these celebrities are in this images from wallpaper. This is a wallpaper i believe. Also fabric curtains owned by a user tulsa. I think is maybe how you pronounce it has been attempting to. Id everyone on the fabric and has been successful naming all of them other than number six. This is a product sold as featuring celebrities. I believe right so supposedly all of the people in this fabric wallpaper. Whatever it is our celebrities. These are all celebrities. One of them has been identified as adriana lima. I think Victoria secret model. Okay one of them. Josh holloway from g q magazine's men of the year event Another one is jessica alba another as travis kimmel. Do these people have anything to do with each other great question. I don't really know the answer. And i don't think we know the answer collected the collective we. It's just a pattern. That was that was picked Celebrity in summer halder known for being on lost the tv show lost you've maybe heard of it And then orlando. Bloom is also featured of lord of the rings. Pirates of the caribbean fame. so this fabric apparently came from the czech republic. There's a lot of information that has been gathered by the users of this sub. Read it and i hope i'm getting an all right so far. I'm just sort of like reading off the google doc. They have a shared. Google doc that they're building information on Information about the fabric curtains. The fabric is roughly ten years old. So two thousand. Eight is a guest for when it was sort of bought sold. It was originally from a local store in finland. It's still available online. It's a little bit like our episode gatiss. Which if you haven't listened to go back take a gander. We did recently. Rerun it in our feed So you don't have to go back that far but this is a mysterious image of celebrity numbers. Six there in i would say A light blue turquoise if you will yeah it's the person in the it looks like a cargo shirt person. Yeah yeah you got a pocket. And i if it were not all in this kind of washy blue color. I would guess that it would be like a tan colored safari shirt. Sure they have sort of like you know. Would you call that shoulder. Length hair could be could a little bit androgynous. We could say could be a really beautiful man man. Yeah i love the spirit of this. This does feel like an only on. Read it sort of thing where someone's like look at this thing and it's the sort of thing where you might show it to a friend in real life and they might go like yeah. I guess that's kind of interesting but you take environment like read it and people are like. Oh my god. What is this. We have to figure it out. Yes and i love that. I love the spirit of that. You find your fellow obsessive. 's some people think it's olivia while i'm gonna shut that down right now. It's not olivia wilde. Oh gee yeah. That's a really distinct eyebrow and olivia wilde like the structure of her forehead is very different than this one other other. Celebrities suggested taylor kitsch. I've known like one name. You've relisted this whole time bridget. Bridget moynahan that person. I don't know so early. Friendly from the gita stays just in wang has made a youtube video about this so you can one can go and watch that but yeah i just wanted to surface this because someone out there. One of listeners might be able to solve the mystery. Celebrity number six are slash celebrity number six. I support you out there. If you find out who it is. You'll you'll probably tell me the name. And i'll be like yeah but but and then you'll tell me this show they were in and i'll be like. Oh yeah i love that episode where blah you know what i mean. I know the content the art. I understand the makers of the art. This this is going to guarantee that.

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