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Running a little bit more towards the middle of the field, but both of those guys were basically within about two or three yards by the time the football came down. Our chance from making catch. Generally a missed out by the freshman situation. Potentially, yes. You think that you should have been running more towards the inside hash marks, but not Ever know for sure wins right outside has on 39 back past my guarantee didn't have his feet set misfires toward the left sideline, looking for Cedric Silman right around 21 yard line, incomplete, And here we go again a second consecutive fourth and long for guarantees. You had a chance here, But Tillman got a little bit tied up trying to come out of his break with antenna no choice to get rid of the football. Some of the pressure from the Alabama was getting in his face. But if Tillman Get out of this break without a whole lot of Contact from the defense. He probably makes that catch Sanaa in Tennessee, just convert on 1/4 and nine a moment ago. This is fourth and eight attacks of the Alabama 34 Yard line. Trailing 45 17 snapping days guaranteed receives two more yards. Throws to the slant is broken up in complete knocked away by Brian Branch 28 yard line. Looking for Brandon Johnson on Tennessee turns around down well, oddly enough, a little bit of frustration, and Brandon Johnson comes back and he's like yelling at Jared Garitano. There's some kind of miscommunication. Both of those two are still like jawing at each other on the sidelines, because if if your internal throws the ball inside, I think Johnson could want to make that catch. Tennessee gives it up with Seno, seven left in the fourth Corps, the ball back to Alabama with a 45 17 10 07 left fourth quarter in Knoxville. This is Westwood one's coverage.

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