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Another chance to win Moses with you it's a Wednesday mid day file its head to the busy phones I'm dumb gap in for a little bit let's head out to Brooklyn it's Dave who seems to be taking another call as well what's going on Dave it was going on no but which I know this is going to sound a little bit bizarre because the Yankees are winning it one very nicely last night seven nothing and judge at home one this is what everybody is missing everybody's missing this everyone's mission this point Aaron church is six feet eight inches tall if you're five feet eight inches tall and you stand next to Erin judge his knees are gonna be a lot higher than yours right the hires they can not seem to realize that obviously their job is to adjust the strike zone for everybody's height but child comes up to the plate his rage was legally down there and if Manute bol comes up to the plate destruction is way way up here no one is arguing the size of this right so obviously judges a larger strikes on I'm describing where he begins and where it ends so these arms continue to hold a stressful judge were about six one or six two and he he comes up after his first home run after someone first page below this don't strike one second picture below the zone strike two he's now into your batting average at within a would you count is dramatically lower sure in what it with the with two okay okay nobody seems to be able to solve this problem I don't understand why Aaron Boone cannot walk up to the plate in front every single game as necessary until the empire's please keep in mind good morning no TV and it's a point that you know has been mentioned before in terms of the size of of our judges compared to other guys right we were speaking I get it I get it and where the the strike zone is being called now you have to make the adjustment as we've heard about four major leaguers talk about consistently right is that you want to strike zone called consistently so if you're judging you know where the strike zone begins at the beginning of the game then or in your second at bat then you have to make that adjustment as a hitter but why can't do justice for his height it's so simple here who's in David cone was commenting on it because he threw a pitch that was low and and this was like two weeks ago because it happens every single night yes okay said they keep throwing that low strike you as a pitcher what what are you thinking and David Cohen says as long as they keep calling it I as a pitcher and going to keep the whirlwind that page that would be a strike for normal that judges at a disadvantage vis the expanded strike zone for him as compared to other guys that are six three six four six one yeah I know I anyway it's a fair point I mean Dave you're you're not wrong I mean that that that you're at a a little bit of a or a significant disadvantage if if your strike zone because you're size because of your height is different than and everybody else I met that's fair but you also have to make the adjustment is a hit or do you not and that's something that you know maybe the Yankees address I mean the strike so conversation is been one that we've had numerous times regarding a whole plate umpires and what's being called what's not who calls a high strike who calls a low strikers gonna give you maybe an inch off either corner or on the outside corner of part of the plate we've seen it you know hitting the glove not hitting the gloves even if it's a strike so we I mean these conversations happen with baseball fans drop the course the major league season is judge at a disadvantage because of his size because the low strike that's being called yeah I mean Dave you're right I mean you're not wrong you're right let's head out Yonkers it's steady what's going on today all good morning mark welcome back I miss you a lot I wish you had a regular radio stint but I you do a great job on in what other endeavors thank you Terry appreciate it buddy mark the Yankees Yankee fan since you know I'm seventy years old since I was a kid I delays in seventy years young yeah yeah thanks I appreciate that are marked I went to feels like he's back to his old self with the swing I don't know if he if I had to do with the the the muscle that poll that he had but and then it's all going to come down to me mark like you said the pitching you don't know about to not that he's been he's consistently inconsistent if you want to use that term but that's at if you could go with the NH you can have the goal will take him and we hope for the best and we hope that we can hit and one last thing mark I want shell it to be on that forty man roster with lemay who they have to be I'm I'm sorry mark if it means we would all state nor Hicks you have to keep lemay who and show up well I mean I don't think there is I mean lemay you is is an all star he's been fantastic all season long and probably one of the better signings in recent memory that Brian Cashman is made money is brought aboard ever so what are you gonna do with each other may heal and look what he's been able to with all the opportunities in a given and the flexibility that you have in him as a player being able to play multiple positions and if you're all rely on defense I mean there's not a better defensive third baseman on the team that your shallow and what he's been able to provide you ostensibly is been remarkable based on what he has done in previous stops in in Major League Baseball and I will not pick up one thing that you mentioned in terms of Tanaka yes he is consistently inconsistent the regular she's not October though you know not not in October you know you don't you're not getting those horrific given a bombs out of the game early you know three innings you know four home runs allowed in again on October now that she's been a little bit different because pictures of had to adjust to the baseball I don't care what rob Manfred is the same in the baseball is different you could talk about the last drag the laces they can they can analyze the baseball tell me the same fibers are being used same same they're going through the same process to baseball's different and certain guys like say J. happy was been a disappointment this year to Yankee uniform because he's in the Tories flyball pitcher and now he's given up thirty two thirty three home runs so far this season so it's hard guys like that but it's also heard guys with the lease is maybe be a little bit lower it's hard guys that are relying on that to get a better grip when you're throwing stuff like a split finger fastball and you've seen that here this year in the regular season with Tanaka but he seems to have figured things out the one thing is the mentality I don't think the stage come playoff time is too big for Tanaka and that's an important trait the only way for you that's an important trait I remember get into debates when yeah we used to talk about Yankee players that were at Nick Swisher who was a god awful October performer I'm a nice guy there's a nice yeah I understand friendly guy smiling all the time no a sells baseball left and right I I get that but he was a terrible October perform great regular season player terrible October performer and hangs with never a confidence always thought those home runs are going to go away I always hated were bright cash was a way to build a team for the regular season a hope for the best come October that's nonsense because I know guys we've all watched baseball we've all watched ale football hockey whatever might be you know guys that are big game players and you know guys as athletes that when the pressure's on they can't play their best and I'll tell you a little bit of a decrease performance in the regular season that's significant is you have to have the talent to play the game if I know that they're going to come through when it counts the most it's a knock is one of those guys I've trusted I'm not only address Paxton even with being a seventy game what I'll trust for mon not yet that's how I see it even a Severino was how they would tell you I trust a marine I do trust aka now only one guy lot of guys down in Houston you can trust let let alone for land that's down to queens it's Christine it's a balance of Christine hi Marc gravel has spoken to in a long time welcome back thank you very much for your voice thank you I just read this morning I mean we talk about Stanton coming back in when is this one Severino coming back on the campus nobody's mentioned down here I just read this morning coming back to New York again is going to have is on what that he hasn't even started baseball activities right now what's going to happen when when it when he decides to come back in mid September is he going to be ready for the playoffs the state we're going to be ready for the playoffs it's almost like I'm afraid to take away the chemistry of the team and I know you're going to say Dan is going to play this one complex but I predations about a mark on a lot yeah but you're so invested in those players now they've got to be healthy right and ex is going to be healthy but I mean if you go on the argument Christine that they're healthy and ready to go I used to sign Hicks to a seven year deal I know it is stand is not going on you know it would be hard to think that those guys would be sitting on the bench as Ben's guys and you're gonna be rolling out camera made I I understand not all mark but my point being I haven't had enough baseball activity perhaps I don't know no I get from them it Chris well that's that's a great question and I can't hand through that with with you know full complete authority in confidence and tell you they're gonna be great no I can hope for them to be great but you're right it's it's a little bit of a another question that you throw into the equation besides the starting rotation you mentioned a chemistry I look about performance when you have guys that missed a lot of time significant actions on the right I meant I meant performance no no I know what you and I know what you make Christine yeah if you throw them into prime spots against pictures that are amped up give me a Max effort and some of the best pitchers in all of Major League Baseball what are they gonna give yeah and there is no I can answer with the certainty I could tell you I think it'll work but I can also tell yeah I see the number of guys they've come back after missing significant portions of the year instead is barely play this year and they've come in and played and played meaningful baseball and they'd give you next to nothing okay I me but they're going to play I mean Christine that's that's the the conversation what do you do you like the chemistry I I grew the it's about a mention about twenty minutes ago yeah like this Tina like the guys that have come out of no where and have performed when given opportunity there easy to root for three zero four two zero for Cameron Maybin it's easier route four G. or shell it's easier route for these guys Tom it's easy to root for these guys.

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