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So this is a growing virus outbreak might lack as much as long as eighteen months are you seeing those numbers could and then my second question is there some at least one White House official who use the term Kong flu referring to the fact that this virus started in China is that acceptable is it wrong are you worried that that have been described as being talked about as as Chinese buyers that that might who said that I'm not sure the person's name but would you can set it a person at the White House views the difference between flu my question is Hong Kong flu do you think using the term Chinese buyers put Asian Americans at risk I think they probably would agree with that a hundred percent it comes from China there's nothing that you really have a last question hi this is I heard later that he's going to stop saying the Chinese virus eight but one disappointing if you watch that and I did and I maybe I'm reading too far into it there was a small smirk on his face when she said he asked repeated common flu yeah well I'm not a normal person might giggle at that but not these outraged locals just for the record the west Nile virus number that named after the west Nile district of Uganda something called the Guinea worm named by European explorers for the Guinea coast of West Africa rocky mountain spotted fever discovered in Idaho Rocky Mountains Lyme disease discovered in Lyme Connecticut the Ross river fever found in the room right near the Ross river of Queensland Australia the a ball a hemorrhagic fever came from the bow river in Zaire Middle East respiratory syndrome first reported in Saudi Arabia all cases were linked to those who travel to the middle eastern peninsula valley fever came from the San Joaquin Valley of California the Marburg virus disease from Marburg Germany norovirus came from Norwalk Ohio nineteen sixty eight Zeke a fever from Zeca forest in Uganda Japanese encephalitis first case in Japan eighteen seven when the German measles that named after the German doctors and I can go on and on your right it's very bad timing well remember they need to cope with nineteen they said they did not want to assign it to a geographic region I kind of made that clear eyed that's the late age we live in with the vocals yeah well they did did somebody tell the Chinese not to blame the American soldiers who came to help we'll talk about this Washington times story that Chinese officials have not cracked down enough from these live animal markets which may have led to the beginning of the coronavirus Johnny can't.

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