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Clock drains. Call Michael and son and get $100 off a train cleaning today. Traffic and weather on the 8s here is rich hunter in the WTO traffic center. All right, Kyle traveling on the bellway heavy and slow coming out of Maryland to work soon begins just after river road extends across the American legion bridge to a point just beyond the bridge for Georgetown pike single file left get you by as far as near as we can tell the exit ramp to both the GW Parkland Georgetown pike for now remains open. We're going to keep an eye on that just in case there's the possibility that they may shut that ramp down, but for now it looks like people are still able to get there on the inner loop they are working in several locations first, the express lanes are closed between the entrance and Springfield and 66 due to the work at 66, then on the interlude in the main line between Arlington boulevard and I 66, you're down to a single right lane to the works and will be eventually once it's completely staged for now it looks like the exits to both eastbound and westbound 66 will remain open and then on the interweb has shed north of the doll's toll road to a point just beyond Georgetown pike two right lanes get you by the work there. Over in Maryland, three O one north on their shortcut led they were wrapping up a crash there should be out of the roadway, and I 95 working in both directions approaching Baltimore ballet in each case. That's exit 49, two left lanes get you by in each direction. It does appear that the exits to both loops of the valley on both sides of 95 are open for now. Nor down on the Baltimore Washington Parkway as you approach the Baltimore ballet, stay left past the work there. Two 70 north found north of route 80 urbana single far right past the construction, sat down here at 85 Bucky's town pike single file left through the work and then sat down in Montgomery county between falls road, mantras wrote two left lanes past the work there, back in Virginia southbound 95 slow into the work zone, approaching one 23 and continuing down toward the Prince William Parkway, you're down to a single left lane for now the express lanes are open southbound. Those get by without delays, you may want to consider that option to avoid some of those slowdowns there as a result. Our two co hosts of a D.C. based news show really at each other's throats or are they simply falling in love, find out in much ado about nothing, tickets at Shakespeare theater dot org rich hunter WTO traffic. Now two storm team four, let's check in with Amelia Draper. We'll have low temperatures denied in the mid 30s to mid 40s after highs today in the 60s under clear skies. Skies become cloudy tomorrow morning

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