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Gary and any man communicated. There you go I was going to say someone I went to fourth grade with okay, dearest sister. Amy, Katy Perry and Amy manner. Sisters new talent runs in the family beautiful voices. Dearest sister. Amy. Thank you for my signed copy of vacation land. John Hodgman may have said that you are clever. But now, Jordan and Jessie are declaring once and for all that I am the most clever, aka the cleverer sister. Thanks also for coming and helping us win Frederick was born love you. I love Frederick Fredericks beautiful child. Yeah. Fredericks great. Do you? How do you pro- Frederick Dana? Yeah. I mean, gorgeous kid get a of this kid. It's it's the opposite of childhood's childhood not childhood end. Was that movie Howard's hand face off? No, I wanna revisit face off knows the was being born and children of men. Children of men. Yes. The antithesis of chill. Yeah. Hey, Dana Gould, do you have a message for people who live in Seattle. You know? Yes. The emerald city the emerald city the Seattle city by the bay. I will be performing in Seattle the windy city. The birthplace of our democracies. Seattle. It's tokyo. Sin cities. Who? Seattle. The location of the night strangler seventy three nights Stocker sequel. I will be performing this Friday again, very on Brennan. I'll be performing this Friday night at the triple door. Cathy, Sorbo in the Zuma Bella trio, and there's still a couple of seats left. And you can get them, Irv. You get tickets at the triple door. I'll tell you what you're not going to regret the decision that you make to go. See Dana, Jay Gould, live answer. Do it. If you're in Seattle. And then do it whenever he's in your town. If you haven't Seattle great. Yeah. Great fun, Jordan. And I went to see Dana Gould at cobb's of the punchline or something we were in college. Yeah. It's one of my favorite memories. Great fonder memories. You time. We went to Dana Gould river telling me this. We I I remember we chatted with you out side. We talked to you felt like I felt like real hot shit. We talked to Dana Gould, he's the best. Seventy four. Yeah. Bell-bottoms sideburns all wearing orange vests. Plant. We're going very far forward, but we all want to back. Yeah. We have to keep on truckin pose naturally underpants. Then it was thousand two okay. I guessed Seattle two or three Seattle. This is my message to you get a babysitter, go see. Dana, Jay Gould. Yeah. And if you don't have kids hire babysitters, so you'll have someone to go to the show with. Sex with them. And maybe you'll have a kid later. By the way, speaking of babies, I had this. I had this. I was I have you ever done this driving? I'm driving on the one on one today. Yeah. I've done that to be right there with you. I was win. Earlier today, myself totally not thinking you're going to Japan vintage market. I was going to sky high trampoline indoor trampoline in van Nuys. Fuck. She lives might sucks, and I reach out, and I just not even thinking I just pick up my phone and look at something because I was thinking of and then I realize fuck I'm driving. And it's an absent mindedly can never got. That mean with the anime guy in the butterfly. Oh my God. It was it was I was something. I forget what it was thinking about. But it was an oh. And so I realize the best way to really hammer home that we can't text on the highway is. In a perfect world. You just have toddlers babies randomly crawl across a highway and everybody would be we can't live in your crazy. You TOA theory. All righty saying. Exactly. But you can't do that. But we could have robotic toddler so. Yeah. Pretty dramatic to hit and pink onesies randomly crawling across the highway the only way it would work as if people don't for every ten two of them are real babies, right? So that way, you're not flooding. You're not really flooding. Our highway with children, right? It's just a couple of the borders real takes real. Yeah. That's that's my way to solve that..

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