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One more time. Come on. Come on. Here we go. Pay bump, Bump bump. Bump it out. Yeah, baby, Get into a fight over Thought notice. Freddie, eh, Fitz Simmons. I'm Freddie Coleman on ESPN Radio. The ESPN app XM Channel 80 each and every night about this time we give you a little something something it could be a rent. It could be a raid, but It's always something good that we like to call. Freddie and Fitz Simmons. The last word. My first last word is about the Shawn Watson. Maybe it's gonna be soon to be ex quarterback of the Houston Texans. Maybe he won't only time will tell him right now the future is not telling. But there's any team that should be all in to try to pry him away from the Houston Texans. That team plays for the New England area called the Patriots. If your Bill Belichick coach if you're the owner, Robert Kraft, do you really want to try to make this work in terms of building back up when it didn't work in 2020? Yeah. You'd need that one. Do that. You don't have you have a 20 years I was able to overcome any kind of missed aches and he kind of transgressions. You had as an organization. If you missed on this play if you missed on that player Oh, number 12 Tom Brady was able to make sure things are gonna keep running smoothly and be a championship contender. Bill Bell, checking the New England pages and their fan base had a chance to find out how the other half has lived for the 20 years when they were ruling through everything, especially in the Sea East. Nobody like that in New England, and I can't say I blame those in New York Jets fan. So you believe Bill Belichick that you haven't lost it? If you believe that him, I get the right kind of quarterback. I could make this work again. Then that guy's potentially out there. The pages always had the Patriot way. A big part of that is that Tom Brady was a huge huge factor and making sure that Pedro Way was going to work because of his greatness. He goes to Tampa Bay, the most weapons he's ever had in his NFL career and long behold, guess who's in the Super Bowl? And guess who's not there exactly? So if any team is thing about this John Watson and believe me, he's gonna make any team better that he goes to outside of a Kansas City, for example of teams with elite quarterbacks like that. If you don't even knowing the Patriots got to be all that in this dude. Situation like that does not come around the National Football League that happens in the MBA that happens in major league baseball, but not in the National Football League. Ah, guy in his prime with a no trade clause in his contract, and he's not even 26 years of age. You were gonna be into this General Watson sweepstakes. If you're doing the Patriots, you better be at the front of the line or 2021 22,021 22 23. And that's not going to be good if you're a person in the pages, organization or part of that fan base. We start giving so loved in New York, the Utah Jazz That's my other last words. They've won 11 in a row, longest active winning streak in the NBA. They have nice straight games with at least 15 plus threes made not attempted, made. They have made 265 threes in the month of January, the second most any calendar month in the history, the MBA. Right now. The Utah Jazz had the best record in the MBA. Yeah, we live in a land of the Lakers Dolan be M v p candidate of Philadelphia. 76 is they've been They've been terrific. No doubt about that. The Clippers were winning with that. What's gonna happen with them? The Big three with the Brooklyn Nets and boom, they're legitimate threat. How about the Utah Jazz? The guy down. The metal was fast becoming a top 10 player in the NBA. They have a terrific coaching Quin Snyder. Nobody saw that coming. They said. Wait. The Utah Jazz Hi, Quin Snyder. Guys play for Duke of the Great hair. Quin Snyder, the guy that was kicked out of disgrace when he coached Missouri. That Quin Snyder? Yeah, the same one. That's one of the better coaches right now. The MBA, and then he got Mike Conley. He's been terrific. Bogdan Bogdanovich has been unbelievable. The man that my man Jalen Rose calls the stifle tower Rudy Gobert about to be defensive player of the year once again. I know they pay the price because they don't play in New York or Chicago or L, A or Miami. But the Utah Jazz of Legit It's easy to say that Walt's early in the season Yeah, I heard that last year about the Miami Heat. What happened to Miami Heat? That's right. They made the NBA Finals. I kept telling you, that team is going to be legitimate Eastern conference and they got all the way before they ran into those boys in Los Angeles, The Utah Jazz all the jet, The West is a minefield. There's no doubt about that. Like you to you to sleep on the Utah Jazz. Nadine, if it forget about Donovan Mitchell continue. Forget about how it's really This team has been so far in the month of January. They may want to be a surprise to you. Because I'm telling you now, you shouldn't be surprised. They college it They are. They're talented and they are a threat. Whether you want to hear that, or not, or whether you want to believe that or not. Freddie Common. You can always hit me on Twitter Common ESPN, part of Freddie and Fitz Simmons on ESPN Radio. The ESPN happen. See Sirius XM Channel 80 Year. We've all had run ins with our mom and dad on occasion..

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