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Can republicans stay united on taxes in the senate's i'm dave anthony fox news there are questions surrounding mike lee and marco rubio he said he's against the house senate gop tax compromise unless the child tax credit is increased final changes made to the bill last night are said to a movin rubio's direction but the senators not yet commented this morning there are concerns about other republican senators before next week's vote fox's jab burgum at the capitol there's a lot of concern about the health of john mccain from arizona there's a lot of concern about the health of thad cochran from mississippi they don't have much turning radius on this there's a reason why vice president pence postponed his trip to the middle east they think that he might be needed in washington to cast the tiebreaking vote lengths because all democrats oppose tax reforms it favours the wealthy and corporate america pence plans to leave wednesday instead of tuesday and there are more protests in the west bank and those palestinian protestors again clashed with israeli security throwing rocks getting teargassed in return they're still angry the us's recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital of the palestinian president is refusing to meet with pence the murders and gun violence in chicago got a lot of attention the past few years president trump threatened to send in troops a county commissioner as a different idea fox's jacqueline also as more alive dave the president's halt you put national guard troops in the streets of chicago to combat crime was ridiculed though county commissioner richard vojkan is now appealing to the un to help ridge cargo of crime in me william wyler an may be impossibly help on in terms of peacekeeping out perks carjackings have surged in murders will again top six hundred well mayor rahm emanuel easy directly responding dave he citing a reduction in some crime and school and business improvements ever royal wedding dates and setting ridden friend sarah mary mega marco may 19th fox news.

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