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Sunday another round of tweets between president trump in florida congresswoman frederico wilson after he again called her wacky wilson this tweeted today that the ambush that killed four us soldiers in news year is trump's benghazi ohio democrat sherrod brown says the entire fight over what the president did or did not say to the widow of a fallen soldier who could easily and with an apology it would be a nice touch if the president would once in awhile act that way instead of always attack always attack always demean the way he does to off brown also on cnn two new films tops at the box office tyler peiris bhuttu of a deal halloween is the number one film in north america this week earning nearly twenty two million dollars its first week in theaters in the us and canada the disaster film geo storm came in second place with just over thirteen billion dollars in ticket sales happy death day runner twenty forty nine and only the brave round out the top five i'm mike cremedas police officer and gerard ohio was shot in killed last night justin leo when this partner approach to the door of a home win the suspect open fire he was killed by the other officer i'm richard johnson seven sixty wjr news gene vogel good afternoon a lawsuit has been filed against the federal bureau prisons by the nigerian man known as the underwear bomber lamar faruk abu matala is currently serving poor prison terms at a prison in florence colorado he was convicted in detroit voter quarter trying to detonate explosives hidden in his underwear while on a flight from amsterdam to detroit right on christmas day of two thousand nine his lawsuit says he's being forced into solitary confinement chastised for being a muslim by guards and other prisoners forcefed non how food and has not allowed to communicate with most of his family members his suit was filed in us district court in denver.

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