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What proper the moves were they were two separate moves even though fortunately the timing worked out the way i wanted a dick at that but uh i was not shop in these guys had calls for multiple teams about sammy all the way back in june shortly after up took over the job and so you know those things happen all the time people think i mentioned before people ask about different players all the time on this week in never know what serious or what just bait but but again i was not and we were not actively shopping area either of these guys we're not actively shopping and anybody but it became uh la got very serious about sami and philadelphia got very serious about ronald and the timing worked out and as i realize the time it worked out i was able to acquire jordan to help fillon for for sammy adjei gains to help fillon for losing ronald the trade leaves bills quarterback tara taylor with out his top wide receiver target but buffalo is stockpiling draft picks dow owns two selections in the first second and third rounds in the 2018 draft sports and all night on espn radio and the espn apem chris malati according to multiple reports including espn's jerry kraz the miami marlins owner jeffrey free loria is in the final stages of an agreement to sell the team to a group that includes former yankee shortstop derek jeter the price tag one point two billion dollars espn mlb analyst edward no peres with cuban mayhem dion sports center looksee cheaters potential impact on the team what will having guaranteed her in the ownership group mean for the marlins plans well for the players themselves i think that's about uh the word cheat or one about playing the game guy that when he walks until the clubhouse there will be instant respect it's a it's a that understands how to win in his learn how to be less lead also with george steinbrenner the home sold does had a lot of good teachers it was a road good observant he's had a lot of people around him that understands how to run a business so he going to go out there and he's not going to try to make this until the new york yankees but he will make it into what he believes is the miami via the mayan.

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