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For the people at home he's got the type of animals on the wall where you think he's GonNa move to humans next. Time. He's about he's about. Something else, Jake. Cut this or not it's all legal or not but he I mean there's one spot left in the whole house where he could put another head. Eight years. That's like kind of the running joke like somebody's boyfriend comes over. You. Screw up like. Walk like. You don't want my face. The rest of your day. So my head's never going back. Man, okay we're loopy. It's a weird morning but we're all here doing a shower and talk a little golf got a still reeling from major championship column workout. You got a lot to get to funds from the galleries. Good submissions people are starting to pick it up. The Wyndham this week kind of let down, and then we go right into the playoffs and then into winged foot you open which we got some stuff related to that to get to as well. You need a pick-me-up maybe you need something to You know live in the group poor that Barstool Transfusion Ladies and gentlemen put it in with a little vodka a little ice in you're gonNa have yourself our favorite. Cocktail right on the course you can get it the nineteenth hole you wanNA. Wait for that. You can have it while you're watching five overtimes of playoff hockey. You can really drinking whatever the hell you want because it's that tasty it's going to deliver every time. It's consistent because we taste tested it. It's the barstool transfusion by Owens mixers. So go check it out on with mixers dot com gets you a nice little. Store finder trying to get into any stores we can. We're talk into distributors. So you're going to tweet at us that it's not here. It's not right around the corner. It's not at your whatever working on it's tough to get into every single store in the entire country but we are working yet big deals with big distribution, big stores chains, whatever they were trying to get into, and we're having a lot of. Success so you can figure out exactly where it is by going owens mixers, DOT com. They've got a bunch of other good stuff to we talked about their mixers way before the transfusion existed because we love it makes you an expert equality cocktail maker overnight is poured with ice with whichever liquor you like and pour the mixture on and boom. You have a great cocktail. So Owens mixtures is phenomenal. Go check them out. Okay. Streaming we've been doing a lot of streaming youtube down there in the bottom part of the screen have been really at each other's throats right to see harding park house nights creek coming there. Frank. Nash Creek is an oasis. Trent last night on the stream that I've added a.

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