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Life over fireman worth the life of a bird, and that guy, Ed at the diner? It just stuck in my mind. I realized I couldn't leave this town until I talked to the people who lost the most. Whole name. Robert sweaters ski age fifty four Kathleen sweater ski ski the mother and the mother the guy died. Yeah. I guess that's it. But here watering well sitting around the kitchen table dogs and beer over there. Just brother-in-law's there too off Calvin cover debris, and I asked them to tell me about Jim. Softspoken? Smarten quite a character. They told me at first they were furious. They should never ever sent him in their angry at the forest service angry about this bird very now. Three decades later, I say you keep that little bird. Exactly really, Jim's younger brother, Robert said that the thing he wanted the most is for the kirtland warbler to become the state bird that would be the ultimate that would be the biggest ever would be. State bird. Well, I guess I guess in some ways I'm surprised I didn't mean to come here that speculations. But in some ways, I thought if it was my family that I would hate that bird. That bird. What's not the bird? I mean that bird. Didn't do anything to. You know, we can keep it going. I mean, that's what he's set out to do. Let's keep going. I think about Jim's death. Like the death of a soldier. Where would you be centigrade? We've lost all those soldiers in World War One World War Two. He died protecting up. It's only one species. Well, then it's gonna be another species and another species and another species next thing, you know, you walk out in the morning, and it'll be quiet. Thank God for teddy Roosevelt and the boys that made our national parks matching. What if we didn't have those it costs money, it's painful, blah,.

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