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Throw line looking to complete a three point play and tie the game at seventy six in the waning moments. It's short. Yes. RJ barrett. The go ahead. Bucket central Florida than mister Peres shots in the closing seconds. Duke escapes, central Florida's seventy seven seventy six Barrett. Finished with sixteen. I on at thirty two and eleven rebounds. Ranted God in the call on the Westwood One NCWA radio network. Elsewhere Virginia hammered, Oklahoma, sixty three fifty one and the other top seed in North Carolina just continues to roll Johnson. Oh. That's good. Wow. What's a long free for Cam Johnson? Who has thirteen Johnson finished with those thirteen. Luke maye, twenty points and fourteen boards, North Carolina, rip Washington Eighty-one fifty nine Craig weight with call on the Westwood One radio network. Elsewhere, Tennessee wanders twenty five point lead. But able to recover and survive Iwa Eighty-three, seventy seven and overtime, Texas. Tech roughed up buffalo, seventy eight fifty eight Virginia Tech bounce liberty sixty seven fifty eight Oregon trance UC Irvine seventy three fifty four Houston overwhelmed. Ohio State seventy four fifty nine off the floor. Alabama neighbor Johnson parting ways after four years in a first-round ouster in the NFC Johnson led the crimson tide to one NC double A tournament appearance. It came last season. NFL rob gronkowski announced his retirement after nine seasons. Winning a pair Super Bowls twenty nine year old has battled a myriad of injuries in his career. But was one of the most prolific tight ends in history in the NBA wild ending in Toronto. Jeremy lamb. Jeremy.

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