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Urban civilization prewar Iraq's museums held, priceless connections from the, Assyrian Sumerian and Babylonian cultures the items were looted after the US led two thousand three invasion of Iraq and later seized by British police in. Two thousand and three from. A now defunct London, art dealer police handed them over to the museum where experts determined they came from temple at Tello in southern. Iraq the British, Museum is working with Iraqi archaeologists to help preserve. The country's ancient sites Japan is looking into whether medical schools across the country Have discriminated against female applicants the investigation comes after it was revealed Tokyo Medical University had done exactly, that for more than a decade it released an. Internal investigation earlier, this week that confirmed it an altered entrance exam scores. To limit the number of female students Tokyo Medical University said it believed female. Doctors would shorten or halt their careers if they had children affecting hospital staffing the education, ministry sent a questionnaire to all medical schools asking them for six years of data on the genders and ages of. All applicants and wants to know who passed and who was admitted schools have two. Weeks to get back to the education ministry with numbers Most kids probably don't want. To think about returning. To the classroom just yet but as, AP's showy ever reports at least, by new school supplies as a fun way to. Ease the pain check out the rocket book wave notebook yes it's pricey at twenty five dollars but when. The pages are full you can scan them with an app and send the contents to the cloud that's one of many new. Items says Deloitte's rod sides there's a novelty factor if you've got something new. Some gadget etc it's funded show your. Friends and this mom Angie Miller says it's a good, investment I'd rather have my kid drawing then playing on an ipad or painting or being creative so that's another reason I don't mind spending. The extra money so markers that smeller worth it especially this young student There's.

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