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On Hbo Max. I don't think we need even more of an official introduction just to say that we are. Pleased thrilled delighted have once. Have Honor Show once again. A veteran of multiple podcasts, I was trying to think if you mark were one of the first members of potentially are five timers club, which means you get to do a sketch with Tom Hanks Alec, Baldwin or something? It I don't know how we would celebrate it, but it's possibly true Anyway, marketplace's here. We're so happy to have you welcome back is it's good to see both of you? Genuinely? I always love coming here and hanging out Andy. I love seeing you here I. Love Seeing you sometimes in the. Out. In Los Angeles. Mark we're really excited. Talk to you for number of reasons, but obviously This episode's going up on Thursday room four returns on Friday. You directed appear in the first episode of this final season, and so we just really wanted to get you on and talk about one of four and also talk about a bunch of other stuff sounds great i. think you know Mark That when you come at us with an episode that you have written directed under starring in that references, an obscure early nineties, cult artists who is name checked by Bonobo on the grammy stage. You're on the right podcast for that. I have arrived. That is in our wheelhouse. Now it is so we're referring to the first episode of season for remote one of four, which is Friday night. A Tour de force, fantastic episode, but also one that has a lot of interesting in subtle things to say, get about something that Chris and I have been talking about for over twenty five years, which is a very specific, almost insidious kind of male music, fandom and I'm curious why this story was your vehicle for getting in front of the camera on a show. You've been so involved with for four years. It's a good question I don't I, don't feel like I have a really cogent gender intelligent answer, but I'll just start talking and see what happens so we do on this podcast perfect. That's great so you know I have never acted in an episode of Romano. Four part of the reason for that was just A. A logistical one was. We always felt that we should keep. My actally. Presence is sort of like a designated hitter in the event that someone dropped out the night before, and we're just throw market and do it, and then when we got the sense that this was probably going to be our last season without while we can, we can lose me a pinch hitter, and just put me in something, and can I stop you. There when Brian Tire Henry was on show. And the dugout being like I got this is. Amazing I actually had a bat, and I was headed for his knees. I got I. got this May. So essentially. It.

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