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Thirty four degrees at four thirty one on bob steel with the latest from newsradio one or two point nine karn governor hutchinson is touting an eleven percent drop in the state's medicaid roles as he faces another potential fighting keeping the state's hybrid medicaid expansion alive for another year according to arkansas online the governor said today that enrollment in the state's medicaid program was dropped by more than a hundred seventeen thousand people nearly fifty nine thousand of that came from the state's hybrid expansion which uses medicaid funds to purchase private insurance for lowincome residents the state's chief executive also said that arkansas will be seeking less federal and state money ports medicaid budget in the coming fiscal year than originally projected a pair of vacancies in the state senate has created uncertainty on whether there are enough votes now to continue the medicaid expansion when the legislature convenes in february the mega millions and powerball lotteries both have jackpots over four hundred million dollars for the first time in history in fact the powerball is now over five hundred million dollars arkansas's lottery director bishop loosley says the winning strategy may be to let the machine pick your numbers seventy six percent of big wherever were quick pick so if you go on with the i i wouldn't go in and get a quick recovery they're a powerball ticket are begging me thicket some power outages can be expected when the energy grid is working at its peak but in one less little rock neighborhood it happens more frequently fox exchange rebecca jeffrey report clinton fehlinger knocked out service online and squirrels cut the power overnight nursery spoke with say these energy issues are constant during the.

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