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Randy taken that little spill I wanted to laugh, but he's Randy couture. It alone. He's he's he I mean, jeez. Not saying he's a lot of me. But I hope I'm not negative shape. A few years. You know what? I mean, you did the pull ups, right? And what else did you do the little the whole the little thing you had to run down there? Pull a thank back lead. All that little thing. Didn't you do the thing at the end where to the pope's too? So you double duty. This was six a push up. It like coal degrees stretch, and they didn't have the best athletic year either. I mean, we were kind of wearing jeans because we're going to be running around What you. about you guys? Do you guys making the excuses for me? So I don't have to make them. So thank you. We do. Yeah. No, man. This is awesome. You know, bec Rawlings is on the car. That's absolutely fight fight. Excuse me. Fight dot TV has covered twenty nine ninety five bare knuckles been all the Rachel last. Couple of years. Joe Riggs of fighting on it. Yeah. Julian lay and I like the theme of USA versus Mahyco soon. So you guys will kind of be young. You have a chance to win over the crowd because Mexicans fans are very very knowledgeable, though, they will ride with you. They'll fist-bump you. But they'll cheer for their guy early on. This is a really cool thing for me because as as a fighter that's like a one on one, you know, lowly type of sport in a way, you never have like your team here versus at team Mandal. I've tried that team concept with five, but now it's just a team like your country versus another country. I'm really excited for it. Because if I win it's not just me winner for me. It's me wouldn't for America. Because I think of Mexican fighters some of the toughest guys on the world. You know, who says just just tough guys. And we're going to go fight those guys if we can. The though I mean, that's that's going to be an awesome. Thank you know, some of the Mexican fighters have the worst body shots right train that art Cannella Julio says are. Don't like it. So speaking canal you hear that signed the fight Danny Jacobs to boxed Danny Jacobs here in Las Vegas, Cinco de Maya weekend rail. Yeah, that's a huge fight, man. One of them get hurt. Let me know I'll step in now back in my boxing mood, look at you. All right. And what parts of the town? We're just doing promotion for the fight. They got this going on February second. Here's the only problem. We've figured out with the sport is now that people see when people see it they go win the next one. I want to watch the next one. When wins went after that, I'm gonna watch too. So we just gotta get more knowledge at it's going on. I mean, a lot of people still go or knuckle, and they look at me the way that they used to when I said, I find the cage. You know, what's kind of take a couple of steps away. Like like, I don't know. That's kind of what they fake of when the here bare knuckle, so just hearing it. Yeah. You're right. But but once guys like yourself, go out there day Feldman goes up there and educates. I bet you there's going to be a good track record of safety in the sport. Once you Bank those years like Emma maze on its twenty two year. And you look back. We've had no major deaths in the UC granted unsanctioned bouts out throughout the world. Think of Muhammed events that are out there..

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